White Man Shoots into Black Lives Matter Gathering


If you watched the video you would see the disgusting act of a white man shoots into Black Lives Matter gathering. The gunman was identified as Steven Nelson Lopez. (Photo below)

Steven had a dispute with a photographer who was capturing the march, and then proceeded to pull out his hand gun and shoot the photographer. The photographer was hit in the head, and died. Steven shot a total of 12 shoots into the crowd, One person was also injured, however not killed.

Tyler Gerth was the photographer who was killed. He captured many marches in his camera film and became sort of a large local voice in the BLM campaign. He has been memorialized by the marchers and those who mourn him with various vigils across the city. (as depicted below)


Luckily, before more damage could be done, some protesters who themselves had guns SHOT BACK at Steven, injuring him with a bullet to the leg, enabling police to capture him. Luckily the police didn’t shoot at the protestors defending themselves, I am happy that they were not also victims.

RIP Tyler Gerth, thank you for your contributions to the fight for equality of Black Lives. And just like our lives mattered, YOURS DID TO!

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BEETHOVEN WAS BLACK AND THEY HAD ME THINKING HE WAS WHITE THIS ENTIRE TIME! So I have recently seen somewhere that Beethoven was black, and I thought, stop playing. BUT THEN I RESEARCHED IT.

Odds are he was indeed black! However I couldn’t find SOLID proof of this. Specifically here’s what I found. Beethoven was said to be of mulatto complexion and described as such by many people of the time, a notable person, Prince Anton Esterhazy, described Beethoven as someone of Moorish descent. Historians have also come to a general consensus that he indeed had Moorish blood.

It’s been claimed that either his Mother was a Moor leading to Beethoven having a darker complexion, or that his Father was a Moorish descendant, which could have lead to his darker complexion. Either way, he indeed had Moorish blood running through his veins.


That being said, rather than focus on controversy, we the, BLKThought team, thought it would be nice to also share CONFIRMED black composers! So scroll on to see a few of them!

violinist George Bridgetower
George Bridgetower playlist here!
Chevalier De St. George
Chevalier de St. George spotify playlist here!
Samuel Coleridge Taylor
Samuel tracks on spotify here!
Amanda Aldridge
Link to an Amanda Aldridge song here!

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mississippi voted to change state flag

Mississippi VOTED TO CHANGE THEIR STATE FLAG YESTERDAY! They recently came under HOT fire as their flag contains the Confederate flag. Flagception if you will.

There were growing calls to change their flag as the current racial climate in America wouldn’t allow for it. And the fact that the CONFEDERACY WERE A BUNCH OF RACISTS (for obvious reason).

That being said, apparently the vote wasn’t a resounding unified vote, and QUITE a few actually voted AGAINST changing the flag. Not enough to pose any real threat to the change, but yet and still some who oppose. In the Mississippi State Senate, 37 approved the change, while 14 disapproved. In the Mississippi State House, 91 approved the change, while 23 didn’t.

Thus the measure was sent it the Governor’s desk, who has already said they would approve it! Good work Mississippi! And only took 126 years!

See who said yes and no here! (Link does not show final vote totals)

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Miami Police Officer charged with MISCONDUCT after tasing PREGNANT WOMAN

Miami Police Officer charged with MISCONDUCT after tasing PREGNANT WOMAN
Safiya Satchell (left )Officer Jordy Yanes Martel (right) arrested yesterday

The video below shows the disturbing incident leading up to the Miami Police Officer getting fired and charged with MISCONDUCT after tasing PREGNANT WOMAN. It should be noted the charges and arrest come a WHOLE YEAR AND 6 MONTHS AFTER THE INCIDENT.

I would also like to note that Safiya Satchell went on to miscarry. While the miscarriage isn’t specifically linked to the incident (in official reports), it would be hard pressed to say the two aren’t linked.

The incident took place outside Tootsies Strip Club in Miami. Reportedly, Satchell was removed from the club due to her behavior inside the club, when police responded to the incident, as we often see, things went south. Here is the video footage of the event.

Former Officer Marthel has since been arrested (June 25th, 2020), despite the event occurring in January of 2019. Satchell and her lawyer are happy with the arrest however believe more to come.

“If you’re an officer that has broken policy or acted under color of law with a belief that Black lives don’t matter, you ought to be looking over your shoulder because the chickens have finally come home to roost,” said her lawyer, Jonathan Jordan. “My client deserves to witness justice be served in this prosecution against this former officer where so many others in her position have not been as fortunate.”

The Charges

Originally Marthel charged Satchell with Trespassing, resisting arrest with violence and battery against a cop. ALL CHARGES AGAINST HER WERE DROPPED SHORTLY AFTER THE EVEN! It must feel good now being the one pursuing charges against her former abuser!

The actual arrests and charges that Marthel face however are 2 counts of misconduct as he lied in the statement he made after Satchell’s arrest. He claimed that she was the aggressor. Saying she punched him in the lip along with kicking to avoid arrest, claims the footage refutes. Marthel has also been charged with 4 accounts of assault.

Oh how the tables have turned!

To Safiya’s and her child, we know no words can accurately console you, but we wish your mother success in her campaign for justice. Rest in Power.

Sign the Elijah McClain petition, he is another victim of police brutality!

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New Wilmington Police Chief Fires 3 Racist Cops on His First Day

Hats off to Wilmington Police Chief Donny Williams! As the new Wilmington Police Chief, he fires 3 racist cops on his FIRST DAY! Now Black folk in Wilmington should be able to sleep better at night knowing that 3 racist cops won’t be carrying a badge and gun.

Because of how hard it is for people to prove a cops actions are racist, I think you all will approve of how I put it into words. Specifically the words uttered by the cops fired after an internal investigation, will show you how they are racist.

These are the comments of former police officers James Gilmore and Kevin Piner and Corporal Jesse Moore. Incase anyone wanted names!

The comment section👇🏽

Piner tells Moore on the phone that he feels a civil war coming on, and that he’s “ready” and planning to buy an assault rifle in the next few weeks. 

He also says society is being close to “martial law” and that soon “we are gonna go out and start slaughtering them fucking niggers. I can’t wait.”

Piner then says a civil war is needed “to wipe ’em off the fucking map. That’ll put ’em back about four or five generations.”

Moore also tells Piner about a Black woman he arrested, whom he repeatedly calls a “negro,” “nigger,” and “crazy bitch.” 

Moore then says the woman “needed a bullet in the head right then and move on. Let’s move the body out of the way and keep going.”

“God has a special place for people like that, I hope they burn in hell man… hate ’em. It’s bad, man, because not all Black people are like that,” Moore says.

“Most of ’em,” Piner replies.

“Ninety percent of ’em, Kevin. Ninety fucking percent of them,” Moore says.

Piner also refers to a fellow officer, who is Black, as “bad news” and says, “let’s see how his boys take care of him when shit gets rough, see if they don’t put a bullet in his head.”


The men also said BLM protestors (the white ones) were “worshiping blacks”

“How many times have I told you it’s almost like they think they have their own God,” Gilmore responds

There are many more comments between the three men. The videos of them saying these things have not been released. It is possible to find the transcripts as the Police Chief made them public. But you know what really crazy?

THE THREE COPS CLAIM THEY AREN’T RACIST. That they were just stressed from today’s climate around policing. Try again, last time I was stressed, I NEVER said nothing like this, and i’m sure 99.99% of people don’t relieve stress this way, enjoy unemployment fellas.

See the official statement here!

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What Happened to Elijah McClain?

Justice for Elijah McClain

Please understand everyone, this story is not for the feint at heart. If none of the recent ones have broken you emotionally, this one might. So, what happened to Elijah McClain?

Last August officers received a call about a “suspicious man in a mask” however the caller also noted that “he wasn’t dangerous and no one was in danger”. Which begs the question, why even call? However once officers arrived on the scene they approached Elijah McClain, the 23 year old who was walking home from his local convenience store.

See Elijah wore a ski mask as he got cold very easily due to his medical conditions. The officers then detained him and tortured him for 15 minutes straight. Beating him, placing him in choke holds, and kicking him. Elijah even vomited once or twice during the beating. Once again, he was an unarmed, 23 year old black man weighing a total of 140 pounds.

Elijah was the epitome of harmless. The man even played violin for the cats at his local shelter. Yet he was savagely beaten. Once EMT’s arrived on scene, they injected him with Ketamine, WAY MORE than the avg dose for a man of his stature. Elijah then had 2 heart attacks as a result.

These heart attacks were what the autopsy said was the cause of death. Not the police brutality committed on a 23 year old unarmed man, who committed no crimes and had special conditions. Nor the medical malpractice of the EMT’s.

The Governor is now demanding a re-investigation into the case as it was swept under the rug, no charges were given, and until recently no one even knew. Elijah’s last words are what broke me and forced tears from my face. If you cannot handle them, do not be ashamed, skip to the end of the article and sign the linked petition. If you can continue reading, then please do, they are as follows.

Elijah’s Final words

If you got through his last words, then you must be emotional. How can police kill and torture a man like Elijah. Elijah is the best of us. He does not kill bugs, he doesn’t eat meat, he doesn’t judge, HE SEEMINGLY FORGAVE THEM EVEN AS THEY TOOK HIS LIFE! Even going so far as to compliment them the entire time. I can’t stand this. I cannot write anymore, PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION BELOW. WE DEMAND JUSTICE!

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Mamie Johnson is the FIRST woman signed to the MLB!

Mamie Johnson is the first woman to sign to the MLB

This is Mamie Johnson, she got signed to the MLB WHEN SHE WAS 73 YEARS OLD! Technically this makes her the first and only woman to be signed AS A PLAYER to a Major League Baseball team! Let me explain the full story of how this came to be.

So prior to going to the MLB at age 73, she wanted to try out for an All-American Girl Professional Baseball team at age 17. She even traveled TO VIRGINIA from South Carolina (over 350 miles). Guess what they told Mamie when she got there?? THAT BLACK WOMEN COULDN’T TRY OUT!!!??

Now instead of letting this get her down, she went on to try out for the Negro League (1953)! At 17 became one of THREE women who got signed by a team. She was also the ONLY of the 3 women to get in, that was the MAIN pitcher for their team.

Now keep in mind, as a women in a male dominated sport, Mamie had to show up and show out! Not ONLY did she pitch WITH THE BEST OF THEM, BUT she also earned THEIR respect from the VERY FIRST GAME. Because of her, her team won! Her team loved and respected her as a woman to. 

In fact Mamie herself says “I was pleased to be treated like a lady at all times. I can say I had 26 brothers, and they were so nice”. She went on to pitch for 3 seasons total!

How she actually got signed!

In 2008, the MLB wanted to honor the living Negro League players, and Mamie Johnson just so happen to be one of them!

So in efforts to honor her, the MLB had a ceremonial drafting day. Mamie was drafted to the Washington Nationals as a player. This technically makes her the first and only woman drafted as a player to the MLB! (despite not actually playing, but I mean she was 73 after all)

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Ahmaud Arbery killers Indicted by Grand Jury

It has been approximately 4 months since Ahmaud’s death. But after 4 months, millions of petition signatures, countless people marching, and saying his name, Ahmaud Arbery’s killers were FINALLY indicted by Grand Jury.

NOW I WANT TO BE CLEAR, indictment DOES NOT EQUAL GUILTY. Please do not consider this a win, consider this progress on the way to the win! That being said, here is what the 3 men who perpetrated this act will be charged with.

Charges include but aren’t limited to:

  • Murder (call it like it is)
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Criminal intent to imprisonment
  • malice murder
  • And 5 OTHER charges

Each member of this terrible trio earned themselves 9 charges each. Now THEY WILL earn that conviction to, because believe me if they don’t, WE WILL be in them streets again, demanding justice be served!

Breonna Taylor’s Murderer SIMPLY GETS FIRED????

Breonna Taylor’s Murderer SIMPLY GETS FIRED

If you are like people than you are probably still in the streets DEMANDING justice for Breonna Taylor. I WISH I could be writing to you today with a piece of that justice however, sadly I cannot. All that has happened so far is that Breonna Taylor’s murderer simply gets fired.

Breonna Taylor (left) was murdered by Brett Hankison (right). As he broke into her home, he began shooting blindly after being shot at by Taylor’s boyfriend. He blindly let 10 bullets fly, some even entering neighboring apartments. 2 days ago he was fired. THAT’S ALL. Oh and the other two (don’t think we forgot), they were place on administrative leave and put on a placement change. THAT’S ALL THAT HAS BEEN DONE!

DO NOT STOP SAYING HER NAME! Her case has been reopened, and WE DEMANDING something be done! Here at the BLKThought company, we have demanded charges be brought yesterday, we’ll demand it today, and we’ll demand it tomorrow! Keep Marching and keep saying her name!

Click here to see a timeline of police murder of our people since Eric Garner.

Click here to sign Breonna’s Petition.

Cops That Killed Rayshard Brooks Get 14 Charges!

Some progress was made! The cops that killed Rayshard Brooks get 14 charges between them! While this is good news, I need to emphasize something. CHARGES DO NOT EQUAL CONVICTIONS!

The cop that fired the gun, Garrett Rolfe, is receiving 11 charges himself. To which I say GOOD. At first I thought this case was very muddy. I believe he should go to jail, as he didn’t have to SHOOT RAYSHARD IN THE BACK WHILE HE WAS RUNNING. I am FAIRLY certain there is a law against that, and if not, there should be.

In addition to this, the other officer testifies that Rolfe say “I got him” after shooting him, AND KICKED RAYSHARD WHILE HE WAS ON THE GROUND BLEEDING OUT! WHAT A FREAKING DISGRACE!

The other officer, Devin Brosnan who is acting as a cooperating witness in the case, is receiving 3 charges himself. As I said, charges don’t amount to anything without convictions.

Quite frankly I think this all could have been avoided, click here to watch the full police interaction with Rayshard Brooks. Nonetheless I am glad that the cops that killed Rayshard Brooks get 14 charges between them.

One thing I would also like to add, WHERE ARE THE CHARGES/ CONVICTIONS FOR BREONNA’S MURDERERS?!?!?!?!? Click here to sign Breonna’s petition if you haven’t yet!