This has been doing rounds across multiple social media platforms and honestly is a claim that comes up every year, but as the man claims, this year we may want to take the warning serious. POSSIBLE KKK AND WHITE NATIONALIST GROUP PLANNED ATTACKS.

What we could prove


We could not independently verify the claim and so we will leave that up to your opinion whether you give him validity or not, that being said, there were a few things we could confirm. There has been an increase in KKK recruitment recently, this is evident as reports of KKK recruitment flier sightings have increased, click here to see one such occasion from May.

There apparently has also been sightings of recruitment fliers also near high schools throughout the south. In one such case there was even a flier in Virginia plastered over the face of MLK. It isn’t just the KKK however, many white nationalist groups have seen an increase in recruitment. This makes the claims of planned attacks scarier because of the abundance in white nationalist groups that exist in the US.

His second claims of white nationalist rhetoric planning an attack is also been prevalent throughout the internet. I recently did an article about 3 police officers that were fired for PLANNING an attack! Click here to read about that! Even across our other forms of social media we have seen such claims! Though we quickly block/delete such comments across all our platforms.



Those two claims we were able to verify, an increase in recruitment, and an increase in hate planned attack rhetoric. Whether or not they will come to pass, or whether or not there truly is a concerted effort to attack we could not independently verify, that being said, we do urge you to take caution and stay safe.

Thank you for reading. If we have an update, we will post it across all of our social media platforms, we will list them below.

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The ORIGINAL Betty Boop was black and based on a black woman!


This week has been about exposing white washed history and no one is safe! I’m coming for you next Betty Boop! The ORIGINAL Betty Boop was black and based on a black woman!

See people believe that Betty Boop is based on a white woman named Helen Kane, but she’s really based on a black woman named Esther Jones!

Here’s how Esther Jones was drowned in the sea of whitewashed history. Helen Kane once saw Esther Jones performing at the Cotton club in Harlem, NYC. She noticed how beautiful Esther was, scandalous she dressed, and how she had a “baby” sounding voice while signing.

She also noted how Esther would say very often “boop-boop-a-doop”, sound familiar?


So what did Helen do? She basically stole Esther’s entire act and performed it at white clubs. The original cartoonist then made the Betty Boop we know today after Helen, BUT…

Though he made the Betty Boop we know today after Helen, that Betty Boop isn’t the original. Yet and still even if it was the original, the cartoonist would have only designed the look (skin) of Helen onto Betty Boop, as everything else came from Esther.

The ORIGINAL Betty Boop (pre-white), was actually a black QUEEN just like Esther! She was scandalous, had the “baby voice” and all to! She starred on an episode of Popeye, before being removed and white washed, because the masses couldn’t handle a black queen (the racism to).




Read about how Beethoven is black here!

Check out the Black Love Boutique!

Check out the Black Love Boutique!

Black Love Boutique is a lifestyle brand that celebrates black culture and black love. They recognize our Power as a people and show it through fashion!

At Black Love Boutique it’s more than a T-Shirt, it’s a Mindset.

BLB’s BLACK WOMAN CEO saids, “I got into this business because I wanted to counteract the negative viewpoints and images that are so prevalent in society about Black People Globally. Wherever we go, save Mama Africa, we are viewed in a negative manner. This affects our self esteem and self worth so I wanted to create a company that celebrates our culture and our love. I want to inspire, uplift, educate and entertain our people and any who live us.”

AND LET ME TELL YOU, She’s doing everything she set out to do and more! Don’t believe me? Click here to see some of her HAPPY customers! And since you know I got you, I was able to secure a promo code specifically for us to use! Use code BLKThought to get you an extra 10% off, and to tell them that BLKThought sent you!

Check out the Black Love Boutique here!

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Trump calls BLM Mural a “Symbol of Hate”, We Think it’s Hilarious

Trump called a BLM mural proposal a “symbol of hate”, but honestly we think it’s hilarious!

The mural in question is only a proposal, but President trump couldn’t wait to drop his two cents! He took to twitter (as always) to display his discontent about the mural, calling it a “symbol of hate” and saying it would “denigrate” the “Luxury Avenue” it will be painted on. But other than him being racist, we think we know what really upsets him.

The mural is LITERALLY RIGHT ACROSS from HIS OFFICE in the NYC Trump Tower and would be visible as long as the sun is out IN BRIGHT COLORS! I know what you are thinking, he doesn’t really even work there anymore though right? Oh don’t worry, he’ll be back there in November.

To quote exactly what he said look below!

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#DumpDugan Trending,Tampa, FL Police Chief Under Fire

The Tampa Police Chief has come under fire for recent statements and actions, causing #Dumpdugan to trend on the interwebs. As shown in the video above during a Tampa Citizens Review Board meeting, Dugan quite literally remained in the corner ON HIS PHONE, as citizens were pouring their hearts out over concerns of the city’s police action.

Dugan has also recently said things like “tear gas and rubber bullets aren’t being used on protestors” despite video evidence. A drastic increase in use of chemical agents in Tampa. It should also be noted that under Police Chief Dugan tenure, use of force has increased more than 400%, in addition to many cases of unprovoked violence against protestors.

These are all claims that Dugan denies, however the receipts have been cataloged and video evidence proves his rebuttals wrong. EVEN THE MAYOR acknowledges the issues in disagreement with Dugan. That being said, Tampa citizens are telling Mayor Jane Castor, if you are really listening and agreeing with is, why is nothing being done? A question that has yet to be answered.

The #dumpdugan movement is catching on and a petition has been created, click here to sign!

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Bass Reeves, The Best Deputy in the Wild Wild West!

Bass Reeves, The Best Deputy in the Wild Wild West!

Many of you have maybe heard about the theory that the “Lone Ranger” is based on Bass Reeves, and apparently the Lone Ranger was a pretty cool dude, BUT NOT NEARLY AS AWESOME AS BASS REEVES! So while the Lone Ranger’s show is indeed based on Reeves, they downplayed how AWESOME Reeves was.

Let’s make a bet? If this story impresses you, then you have to share it to your story, Deal?

First let me start off by saying Reeves was actually born a slave, but escaped slavery, how did he escape you ask? HE BEAT THE S*** OUT OF HIS MASTER AND DIPPED!

Yeah, you know this one going to be good😂 After escaping he went to Oklahoma, where the 5 major Indian tribes lived, and absorbed their culture, language and skills. It was here he MASTERED shooting, hunting, and tracking, in addition to the Seminole and Creek languages.

He later worked as a lawman, and has gone down in history as the BEST IN HISTORY of the lawmen in the Wild Wild West. Not to mention the first black lawman in the west. He aim was impeccable, he was a master tracker, no one knew the land better, and he was a master of disguise! 


Here’s some stories!

He once waited out on a trail in a bush FOR 4 DAYS STRAIGHT to catch a bad guy. When they finally met, before the bad guy could pull his gun, Reeves already fired. Or what about the time he disguised himself as a beggar and walked 30 MILES to catch 2 brothers?

Kid you not, he walked 30 miles to the brother’s mom’s house, told the mom he was hungry and needed a place to stay because he was running from the law, the mom said her sons were to and that he could stay the night. Reeves handcuffed both brothers WHILE THEY SLEPT, WITHOUT WAKING THEM

And once morning came, he kicked them to wake them up and walked them 30 miles back to camp! The mom following for the first 3 miles 🤣. Reeves always wore 2 pistols round his waist, was ambidextrous and wouldn’t miss WITH BOTH HANDS. He even arrested his son for the murder of the son’s wife🤷🏽‍♂️ 


Reeves caught over 3,000 criminals, and had to take out 14. He was literally the guy you called, when no one else could do it or the job seemed impossible. 9.5 times out of 10, he would do the impossible! Did I mention in all his fights, he NEVER got a gun wound?





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NASCAR Plays “Lift Every Voice and Sing” as the Intro to the National Anthem!


NASCAR Plays “Lift Every Voice and Sing” as the Intro to the National Anthem! Now to some of you, this may not seem like a really big thing, and that’s understandable. HOWEVER, considering that the NASCAR went from Confederate flags to the Black National Anthem!?!? I think that it is wonderful!

That being said, I would like to see some actual structural changes implemented as well on a governmental and federal level! But for now heres the link to the full performance!


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The Fun Carnival Dunking Game used to be Called, “The African Dip”


For a time in history we used to be on display in carnivals and zoos for people to enjoy. This is something i’ve often forgotten or better said don’t think of. I was HORRIFIED to find out the truth behind the fun carnival dunking game and how it used to be called, “The African Dip”.

The game was played back then similar as it is today. In the sense that you you a ball to strike the target, however it gets more sinister than this. See sometimes the targets used to be placed above the shoulder of the black person inside the tank. Not only this, there wasn’t always a barrier to protect the body.


What this means is that, the enjoyment of the game didn’t come from dunking the black person on display, rather from pelting them repeatedly with balls, hitting the target to dunk them, was simply an added bonus. It is horrendous acts like these that make churn my stomach, however I share this information with you so that it cannot be buried or forgotten.

Some of the slogans they would use would be “hit the trigger, dunk the nigger”, or “the nigger dip” or “the coon dip”.

So the next time you see the fun carnival dunking game, remember it used to be called, “The African Dip”.




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“The Three Musketeers” is based on a Black Man!?


I was pretty shocked to find out “The Three Musketeers” is based on a Black Man! I remember watching the “The Three Musketeers”, and at one point cartoon show, but I NEVER knew they were based on a black man! It literally never came even as an honorable mention! They are based the life of Alexandre Dumas, and let me tell you, this man was BADASS!

Alexandre Dumas,was the first Black General of the French military. He was born in Haiti from a French nobleman and a slave mother, and was sent to France with his mother’s last name, making it famous in French history!

Dumas was eventually raised to the level of Marquis (French noble title), and went on to join the French military. When he joined, rather than be a commissioned officer, he signed on as a private. Weird thing is, he apparently was touted as a man of SUPER HUMAN STRENGTH!

So as the story goes, when he was young (pre 18), he once while sitting on a horse, grabbed a beam above him, and then STARTED PUMPING PULL UPS. Now you may think that’s not impressive alone, anyone can do pull ups right? HE WAS RAISING THE HORSE OFF THE GROUND WITH HIM!


There are more stories of his super human strength, though no one can really explain where it came from (must be them Haitian genes). In less than 6 years, Dumas went from private to Lieutenant Colonel, serving under commander Chevalier de St. George, leader of the “free-legion”.

Less than a year later, Dumas was promoted to Brigadier General. He then went to serve under Napoleon Bonaparte, in Italy, which is where HE REALLY SHOWS HIS BADASSERY. So as the story goes, Dumas’ squadron was met with an overwhelming Austrian force at a bridge.

Dumas’ forces had to retreat to get reinforcements before fighting, so what does Dumas do? TELLS HIS MEN TO GO AND STANDS AT THE EDGE OF THE BRIDGE FIGHTING THE AUSTRIANS ALONE, AND WINNING! Apparently he was took out like 10 men, and injured 30 more! ALONE!

Reinforcements came later, and Dumas was UNHARMED, he got on a horse, and then pushed the Austrians back, this earned him the name “The Black Devil”. (Don’t know how I feel about the name)

After learning about him its pretty easy to see why “The Three Musketeers” is based on a Black Man!

Sources Below!



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BLM Protests HAVE NOT led to an increase in Rona cases

Click here to see the study!

The National Bureau of Economic Research conducted a study to find out if Covid and BLM had any relation. Turns out, BLM Protests HAVE NOT led to an increase in rona cases. Here’s why the study concludes this.

The study’s research spans across over 300 different cases (protests) in major U.S. cities. The goal was to see how repeated mass protests would affect rona growth. But as it turns out, it had no affect simply because, well the protests convinced more people to stay home.


They go on to note that city curfews did little to this end of increasing stay at home behaviors. The study also doesn’t itself say that BLM protests were the ultimate gatherings of social distanced, mask wearing warriors who had a bottle of sanitizer as their weapon of choice. Rather that the marches inspired small groups of people to abandon stay at home behaviors (for damn good reason), and seemingly gave the larger population more of a reason to stay home.

So as a result, net stay at home behaviors increased rather than decreased. Which ultimately means, BLM Protests HAVE NOT led to an increase in rona cases.

link to study here!

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