Representative Maxine Waters Checks a Police Stop on a Black Man

Representative Maxine Waters Checks a Police Stop on a Black Man

“They Stopped a Brother” 😂😂😂


Representative Maxine Waters was driving through her district when she saw officers in the act of detaining a black man. She immediately stopped and ran up to them as quickly as possible! Pretty ballsy!

The officers told the congresswoman she was in danger of getting a ticket because she parked illegally, and she didn’t care! 😂

“They stopped a brother, so I stopped to see what they were doing… they say I’m in the wrong place so they going to give me a ticket. That’s okay as long as I watch them.” RESPECT. So much respect. She didn’t give a damn! She got my vote 🤣.


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Mama Obama Has a Podcast Coming Soon!

July 29th You can hear America’s Forever First Lady Each Week


To bring some good news to an INSANE year, we have Michelle Obama beginning a podcast series! This Queen has always been looking out for America and each and everyone of us. Partnering with Disney at one point for a while to try and promote healthy choices and working on other initiatives. These initiatives include Let’s Move!, Reach Higher, Let Girls Learn, and Joining Forces.

Her podcast will be called, “The Michelle Obama Podcast” and again will be out on July 29th. Hard name to remember, I know. She will be exploring “relationships that make us who we are” and she’ll be talking to her family members and friends. The relationship conversations will make up season 1 of her podcast, meaning there will be more which is really cool.

As you can see in her announcement, Mama Obama is really excited and said in the promo, “What I love about these conversations that is that they’re topics and issues that we’re all dealing with no matter what is going on. Whether that’s a global pandemic or a nationwide reckoning with race.”


Now, having these conversations would be really hard alone so there are confirmed guests. These guests include, Mrs.Obama’s mama, Marian Robinson and her brother Craig Robinson; President Obama’s former advisor Valerie Jarrett; NPR’s first Black woman host and journalist Michele Norris and lastly Dr.Sharon Malone.

Dr.Malone is an obstetrician-gynecologist and wife of former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. Michelle Obama has high hopes saying, “My hope is that this podcast can be a place for us to sort through the answers to the questions we’re all trying to answer. A place to open up and be a little vulnerable and have some fun along the way.”


This, like I said will be a series, since Spotify and her signed a multi-year partnership and will be produced by the former first couple’s production company, High Ground. This production company is focused on giving diverse voices.

The first couple also has a deal with Netflix, so yes keep your eye out for that! This deal included documentaries, scripted and unscripted programs and films. Pretty dope! In the meantime though, check out her podcast on July 29th.

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Surgery and a Makeover by Black Surgeon!

Black Surgeon Braids Patients Natural Hair

Black Surgeon Braids Patients Natural Hair


Surgery absolutely sucks, but waking to find hair you thought was going to be removed actually isn’t makes it just a little less terrible! This was the case for India Marshall!

India woke up after a surgery to find her hair not only still there but neatly braided too! The braids made it easier to care for the incision since it kept her hair out of the way. What’s crazy up until the follow up, she thought it was the nurses that did this for her. Mannnnn, was she wrong. Little did she know her surgeon gave her the makeover and did her surgery!

On her follow up, India learned that it was her surgeon, Dr. Jewel Greywoode, who braided her hair before the surgery to save her natural hair! Dr. Jewel Greywoode, a Black surgeon, surprised India Marshall with the news that he braided her hair before surgery.


Dr. Greywoode explained why he performed this extra step, “Once I took the [surgical] cap off, I saw that she had thick, dark, curly hair like my daughters’ hair. I did the braids just where I needed to get access, and afterward I used staples, because every time you use stitches you tend to cut hair. Nobody wants to have their hair cut or shaved”. He also mentioned he has “curl nights” where his wife and him braid their three daughters hair.

This was a special action that India tweeted about and it went viral! This has sparked an interest in Black people to look for and be seen by Black health care providers! As Marshall stated, “I feel like there is a level of care and connection with Black doctors and Black patients that we don’t necessarily always get.” We need to search out for the Black health care providers and just businesses in general. We are working with each other to fight injustice. Now we should look for Black businesses so we can grow together.


*Starts typing in “black surgeons near me”

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16 Year Old Cornelius Frederick Crushed by 3 Staff Members

Cornelius Fredericks Was Crushed In Detainment

Cornelius Fredericks Was Crushed In Detainment


Cornelius Fredericks was a resident at Lakeside Academy in Michigan. A treatment center for young adults who’ve been placed through foster care or by parents to help with behavioral issues. On Wednesday, April 29th Cornelius was crushed by three staff members and went into cardiac arrest. Two days later on May 1st, he tragically died.

The three were charged with involuntary manslaughter and child abuse charges.

Michael Mosley (47), Zachary Solis (28), and Heather McLogan (48) are the staff members at Lakeside Academy who as they tried to restrain Cornelius, TWO of them laid across his body. Two fully grown male adults laid on 16 year old Cornelius! That’s insane! Not only that but he was “restrained” for 12 minutes!


All three staff members have plead not guilty, with Mosley’s lawyer saying he was innocent because he was following protocol. That’s interesting, lets ask the owner of Lakeside Academy, shall we? “The restraint was not conducted in accordance with our policies and training. At Sequel, it is our policy to only use restraints as an emergency safety intervention in two situations: 1) when a student exhibits imminent danger to self and 2) when a student exhibits imminent danger to others, and in those cases to use the minimal level of intervention possible”. Yeah I think Mosley might be guilty.

McLogan’s attorney was adamant she’d be free due to lack of evidence, saying, “This is a terrible tragedy. Our hearts go out to his loved ones and the Kalamazoo community. However, justice cannot be served by an injustice. “My client, Heather McLogan, has done nothing criminal and when the evidence is in, she will be vindicated.” I’m pretty sure being an accomplice to murder is a crime, just saying.


Lastly, Solis’s lawyer basically said the same thing as Mosley’s lawyer in where he was following procedure. WRONG! Solis’s lawyer tried to pull at heartstrings saying, “He is a gentle giant and had a great relationship with these kids.” Can I just take you back real quick to the fact he said GIANT!? Murder is murder and I’m sure both fully grown adults can figure out it doesn’t take one man and a “giant” to lay across a child to restrain him.

Why did they need to restrain him? It had to be something terrible right? Maybe a fight? No, it was because Cornelius was throwing food. Granted, that could’ve led to a fight, but having two men lay on him for 12 minutes is not the way to handle the situation. Now we have lost another child that could’ve done great things if he had got the help he needed.

You can sign his petition here! PLEASE DO! the 3 staff members we want in jail are already on bond, signing this petition will support the cause! Sign here!

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Florida Supreme Court Orders Poll Tax on Ex Felons/ Returning Citizens

Florida Supreme Court Orders Poll Tax

Have The Right but No Opportunity


In 2018, Florida voters got a constitutional amendment passed giving voter rights to returning citizens who completed their sentence. A big win… until you cut to today where on Thursday the Republican Supreme Court refused to let Florida returning citizens vote.

Initially after the amendment was passed, BY THE CITIZENS OF FLORIDA with an major majority, the Republican Governor made it so that they weren’t allowed to vote unless they paid a fees, fines and restitutions! These are ex returning citizens who finished their sentence! Many are referring to this as a “voter paywall” or a “poll tax.”

Many are calling this a scheme to keep the poor from voting and honestly it’s hard to refute these claims. Supreme Court Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg said the unsigned order will, “prevent thousands of otherwise eligible voters from participating in Florida’s primary election simply because they are poor.”


These votes may be crucial to the upcoming election, seeing as around 85,000 returning citizens (who completed their sentence) are registered to vote. 775,000 all together returning citizens who could register to vote, if not already registered who could’ve change the election dramatically. If they weren’t kept from voting!

However, there is a hearing to fight this order on Aug 18th. The date of the state primary! The deadline to register to vote is next Monday! July 20th! They are making it so returning citizens can’t vote.


The state stated that a returning citizen’s inability to pay means the sentence has not been completed; therefore, voting rights should not be restored. What? I know people who aren’t returning citizens that can’t afford to pay extra fees like this due to life and now even more so to the corona-virus impact! They may have the right, but they don’t have the opportunity.

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Unbending Spirits! 50 Days Strong For Breonna Taylor!

The Peaceful Fight for Justice in Louisville


I’m sure you’ve heard the name, Breonna Taylor and probably know her story. But nevertheless, it’s been four months since she was killed in her sleep and the officers responsible are still walking the streets free. What’s worse is only one of three officers responsible has been fired. What the hell?


We have shown unbending spirit in fighting for justice. Protesters in Louisville have been demonstrating for 50 days in a row! That’s longer than a lot of relationships!

50 days is such amazing work! DON’T LET THE MEDIA MAKE YOU THINK IT’S OVER! This demonstration also has stayed a peaceful protest as well which is also very commendable seeing how things have gotten violent in a lot of other areas. Keep fighting for justice and use this demonstration as inspiration! Thank you Louisville protesters for doing your thing.




Let me tell you now, you won’t like this.


87 PEACEFUL PROTESTERS were arrested and charged WITH FELONIES for sitting with their hands in their laps. I am not exaggerating. I am not joking.

What/who were they were protesting for is justice for Breonna Taylor and they were sitting outside the house of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron urging him to take action. IT SHOULD BE MENTIONED, that the case fell to Daniel Cameron after both DEMOCRATS and REPUBLICANS in a position to do something failed to act.

Among the 87 arrested were quite a few stars as well. Rappers, NFL players and more. All of which have now since been released. That being said, they were all CHARGED WITH FELONIES FOR BEING PEACEFUL!


On top of that, in May, a group of all white protesters were outside the Governor’s house, WITH MASSIVE GUNS. They banged on the walls, windows, and doors repeatedly and even HUNG UP A DOLL OF THE GOVERNOR FROM A TREE. NO ONE WAS ARRESTED THAT DAY.


AMERICA MAKE THIS MAKE SENSE! Luckily as mentioned earlier, all protesters have been released thanks to the organization Grass Roots Law. You can check out their website here!

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Y’all heard of WARRIOR Princess Yennenga?

y'all heard of WARRIOR Princess Yennenga?

We’ve always had STRONG BLACK WOMEN, y’all heard of WARRIOR Princess Yennenga?


Princess Yennenga WAS A STRAIGHT UP BOSS. She was known as the most BEAUTIFUL in her kingdom, and was her daughter of a strong king named Nedega. This beauty was also a BEAST in the field! Nedega would take her INTO BATTLE with him, SINCE SHE WAS 14!

And I don’t mean they would chill on the sidelines, NO SHE WAS LITERALLY TAKING OUT GROWN ASS MEN ON THE BATTLE FIELD HERSELF AT AGE 14! See not only was she the most beautiful, she was also the kingdom’s STRONGEST WARRIOR! Even leading her OWN battalion!

She MASTERED all weapons the kingdom had to offer, and was the BEST horse rider to. Not only was she the best at EVERYTHING, SHE HAD TWO BROTHERS that she COMPLETELY outshined! I couldn’t even find their names while researching! That’s how INSANELY awesome she was!


There was an issue however

Princess Yennenga REALLY wanted to get married, however her father didn’t want to lose his BEST warrior, not sure why she couldn’t do both. King Nedega FORBADE her from getting married. So what did she do? What any normal young adult would.

She planted a field of wheat and when the crop was ready to harvest, she simply let it rot. Her father asked her” Yennenga, why have you planted this beautiful field to simply let it rot?” Her response was “because that is what you are doing to me by not letting me marry”. BOOM MIC DROP.

King Nedega didn’t quite like this stunt and locked up Princess Yennenga. One of the king’s horsemen helped her escape though. She dressed as a man, grabbed her stallion, and the two left in the middle of the night. An enemy nation spotted the two, and attacked them! The story splits in two ways here.

It’s said that, the other horseman distracted the enemy while Yennenga fled. The other way the story goes is that the two fought, and the other horseman was killed, but Yennenga fought off the enemy herself. I like the second version better! Anyways, she continued on her road alone.


She became exhausted after crossing a river, and happened to notice a house, she went to the house for refuge, and met a famed elephant hunter, don’t approve the elephant hunting, Riale. The two fell in love INSTANTLY. They had a son named Ouedraogo, which meant “stallion”.

He was named after the horse that led her to her love! Ouedraogo would eventually go on to found the Mossi Kingdom (current day Burkina Faso), making Yennenga mother to the Mossi people. She is currently immortalized ALL OVER Burkina Faso with statues. She’s even the award statue for an African Film Festival!


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Queen Wrongfully Arrested While Naked IN HER HOME!

LAPD Just Violating All Kinds of Rights

LAPD Just Violating All Kinds of Rights


A Queen, referring as Jane Doe, was arrested after the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department broke into her home, “searching” for her brother who was ALREADY being arrested elsewhere. The sheriff’s broke into her home while she was showering and arrested her naked.

She stated, “Im telling him I’m not dressed and to wait a minute.” To which she said they replied no and opened the door. “There was no threat to the public and no reason for deputies to go into the home in the manner they did,” Jane Doe’s attorney Brian Dunn said.

Jane Doe, her son, and her 13 year old sister were home. Jane was showering, when the deputies burst through her door and forcibly removed her from the home. Still naked and with her son and sister watching, four MALE deputies take her down a flight of stairs with a blanket over her. She also was visibly MENSTRATING making the affair a much more demeaning act by the deputies.


While being arrested, she was told they were looking for her brother on assault charges. On the yard leading to the squad cars, she was searched and they opened up the blanket. She threw herself to the ground, because she was again NAKED and neighbors as well as a bunch of police WERE WATCHING. Jane says the deputies yelled stop resisting and a bunch of them jumped on top of her. “They jumped on top of me, was touching my butt, my private area, my legs, all of the stuff. An officer had his hand in my head, he had his knee in my neck”. To make it worse she was “hogtied” and drug across the yard and into the squad car.

All this for a search of a man who WASN’T even there. They were arresting the brother around the same time but in South Los Angeles. To add insult to injury, they later released the brother because of INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE!

They put this Queen through hell even though they had no evidence. She’s filed a lawsuit in U.S District Court claiming, “the deputies were negligent when they conducted an unreasonable search of her home, and as a result, inflicted emotional distress.” Sounds a bit accurate to me.


Jane Doe said later on to NBC4 I-Team, “I’m in complete shock that it happened. I feel as if they should be held accountable for their actions.” PREACH! That is what we are fighting for! Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many more that need police to be held responsible.

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Trump parrots the “more white people get killed by the cops stat as a JUSTIFICATION for not acting when blacks are!

More white people OBVIOUSLY get killed, why this isn’t the issue though

From 2017-2020 (before recent events), killed approx. 1,398 white people. Conversely, they also killed approx. 755 black people. In total they killed 3,416 people since 2017. It is correct to say more white people were killed.

Click here to see source

HOWEVER, the US 77% white, SO DUH MORE WILL BE KILLED‼️ But comparatively, the US is only 13.4% black, yet the number of black deaths make up MORE THAN HALF of the number of white deaths??? Do you see the problem here! THIS IS WHY BLACK PEOPLE ARE SAID TO BE KILLED MORE. Stats behind population can be found here from the census website.

Other arguments: Black People commit more crime

This is incorrect! The FBI statistics for 2018 (most recent) show that white people commit WAY more crime in the U.S. than anyone!

In fact, white people more than DOUBLE every other group…. COMBINED. A whopping 69% of crimes are committed by them! Click here to see the FBI chart!

Well white people commit more crime, BUT BLACK PEOPLE COMMIT 52% OF VIOLENT CRIME

Again, this is also wrong! I also HATE when people bring this up. Because this statistic is also wrong and outdated. You will hear this as the ONLY cited statistic talked about on FOX News shows, because fail to do research into the actual stat.

This statistic comes from data that was aggregated between the years of 1980 to 2008! A 29 YEAR PERIOD. However if you look at the years INDIVIDUALLY. You will see for the overwhelming majority, white people committed more violent crime.

On top of that, during the 70’s and especially the 80’s the government was LITERALLY FUNNELING CRACK/COCAINE INTO BLACK NEIGHBORHOODS ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. Let’s look at the data for 2018 again, shall we! The FBI reports that white people committed 59% of ALL VIOLENT CRIME. In 2017, white people maintained their 59% majority of violent crime as well. Same for the years before!

Don’t believe me? Read about 2018 stats here! Read about 2017 stats here!

Those are LEFTIST news articles or statistics

Yes, the FBI and CIA are both leftist black loving liberals! Just ask J Edgar Hoover!

Last but not least!

Black Lives Matter!

This has been the total and UTTER destruction of the arguments AGAINST BLM. Brought to you by FBI stats, and White denial!

Check out my the Global Fight BLM here!