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Untold Heroes Of Black History – Paul Cuffee

Untold Hero of Black History Paul Cuffee

Paul was born in 1759 to a freed slave Kofi Slocum (his last name comes from the man who freed him) and Ruth Moses, a Wampanoag Indian, and was the seventh of 10 kids!

Paul’s parents, when he was 8, bought 116 acres of farmland in Massachusetts (which is crazy for a former slave to even have). And from a young age Paul was all about boat building, trade, and navigation. In his early teens, Paul built small ships and traded among the Massachusetts islands.

During the Revolutionary War, his ship got seized by Britain and he was imprisoned for 3 months in New York. After he got out, he built another ship and then became a blockade runner delivering supplies to fight Britain in the war. He would sail at night or in stormy weather to avoid Britain ships.

He became a master of the seas in his early 20’s and after the war is where he REALLY BLOSSOMS. Encouraged by a prominent merchant Family, Paul started his business of importing and exporting goods using the ships HE PERSONALLY BUILT. All of his ships had ALL BLACK CREWS TO.

Eventually Paul had a mercantile EMPIRE. His influence grew, so big that he earned his RIGHT TO VOTE decades before slaves were even freed by the Emancipation Proclamation. Not only that he taught himself to read and write, and wanted his kids to learn to.

Only issue is, no school would take black kids, SO HE CREATED ONE, AND HIRED A TEACHER. And then like a true G, INVITED HIS NEIGHBORS WHITE KIDS to his school. His is the FIRST integrated school. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE.

But wait there’s more! On his way back from a trip to Sierra Leone, Africa, in 1812 he found that his country (the US) was in a war with Britain and one of his ships were impounded. He went straight to Washington, KNOCKED ON THE PRESIDENT’S DOOR, demanded his ship back, AND HAD IN BACK IN 6 DAYS.

If you thought his story was over, think again, for years before he died, Paul used his ships to transport escaped and free slaves BACK TO AFRICA where he helped them settle in Sierra Leone. He died peacefully in 1817, leaving a legacy not many know.

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Crazy Slave Escape Story – Ellen and William Craft

These two escaped literally by pretending to be white, and guess what? IT WORKED!!!

Ellen was light enough that she was able to pretend she was a white male after disguising herself and covering her arm in a sling to avoid having to write since she couldn’t write or read.

William was able to pretend to be her escort and male servant, and within this disguise they were able to even fool their masters best friend during their escape!

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Black War Hero, SS Edward Carter

First and foremost SS Edward Carter was such a G that at age 15 he LITERALLY RAN AWAY TO FIGHT IN A WAR. He ran away from home to enlist in Chinese National Revolutionary Army, to fight against invading Japan.

He was forced to leave that army because he was 15. But later joined the Abraham Lincoln Brigade IN SPAIN, to fight against fascists in the Spanish Civil War.

It’s about to get really juicy. SO our boy SS Edward Carter, joined the US Military during WWII, but ended up getting stripped of his rank of Staff Sergeant and became a private for you guessed it! no reason!

Anyways, during the Battle of the Bulge, Carter led three soldiers across an open field. In the process, two of the men were killed and the other seriously wounded. BUT Carter continued on alone and was wounded five times before being forced to take cover.

Did I mention He knew 5 languages? One of those being German, which is really important for this next part.

Eight German soldiers tried to capture him, but he killed six and captured the remaining two. He used the two as human shields from enemy fire as he recrossed the field. HE THEN INTERROGATED THEM IN GERMAN TO GET THE VALUABLE INFO THAT HELPED WIN THE WAR


See these beyond heroic actions, SS Edward Carter didn’t even get awarded the Medal of Honor. Infact when he tried to reenlist in the Army he was even denied. Even worse, he didn’t get the Medal of Honor until after his death in 1997.

Better yet, he wasn’t even buried alongside the other Nations Heroes in Arlington National Cemetery until he received his Medal of Honor.

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5 Myths about the Black Panthers

Depending on what history books you read, the Black Panthers are depicted as terrorists or “the greatest threat toward America” at the time, not my words, they are the FBI’s. Even to this day the Panthers are controversial, and can get you scoffed at depending on who you bring them up to.

That being said, convention wisdom about the Panthers is all wrong. In fact, despite carried guns and disdain from the Panthers from the police, THEY NEVER SHOT AT THE POLICE (unless shot at first by the police). On top of that, they did not preach hatred and anti-white rhetoric. They preached ANTI-RACISM rhetoric and for the police to stop targeting and mistreating the black community.

Some myths often said about the Panthers could not be farther from the truth. Let’s break down the main ones I have heard.

The Panthers are Terrorists. False

As said earlier, the Panther’s never shot at the police or caused harm to anyone on their own. They never commited terrorists acts, and wanted to secure safety for the black community.

The Panthers hated white people. False

The Panthers had white people in their ranks, they were open to anyone with a kind heart, they strictly hated racism and anti black sentiment.

The Panthers were drug dealers. False

The FBI/CIA funneled drugs to the Black Panthers to peddle on the streets, but everyone standing up for the cause refused to do so and left the Black Panthers when some members entertained the idea.

The Panthers didn’t do anything for black people and society. Absolutely False

The Panthers did so much that the government implemented a lot of the Panthers programs, such as free lunches, and free clinics (which were first set up by the Panthers.)

Last but not least, the Panthers preached hatred. This could not be anymore false.

The only thing the Panthers hated was the racist system they were forced to endure, but happy to change and fight against.

The Panthers made strides to get us where we are today and their work was and is invaluable in the fight for civil rights! Don’t let anyone tell you different.

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The BLKThought Journey Begins!

I am finally starting BLThought!!! YO, this is so exciting for me. It has truly been a long road to get here, I actually started this project in May or August of last year (2019) shortly after I graduated from college. Over the summer of 2019 I went around to a bunch of summer (predominantly black) programs and did speaking engagements, speaking to over 200 kids! After doing this, I just couldn’t stop. I was so encouraged and didn’t know what to do next after school started again.

After brainstorming for what felt like forever I came up with an idea, I explored the idea, and did surveys in my area. I KID YOU NOT, I WOULD JUST WALK UP TO STRANGERS AND ASK THEM TO TAKE A SURVEY. I went to colleges, malls, Walmart, anywhere I could. I must have asked over 300 people in all honesty. I collected valuable data to confirm the direction of my biggest project which I will be using all of 2020 to create.

Now after I confirmed my big project, I still had an issue. HOW WOULD I FUND IT? Thus my second project was born. I decided it wasn’t to early to gather a following and start teaching black history, so I created my instagram (@blk.thought), I created this website, some shirts and now I am showing my soul and passion to y’all. AND THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!

I will be doing a lot of outreach on my insta, giveaways, and recording my story and progress for y’all! Check back next week for another post! Every Sunday morning a new one will be here.