A Racist Will Soon Be Elected to Congress in Georgia

A Racist Will Soon Be Elected to Congress in Georgia

I don’t know what’s going on in Georgia, but how did a KNOWN racist win???


It’s messed up what people get away with. Cooking stars say the N word they are fired, but a politician says it and he or she just gets told maybe he shouldn’t. This woman makes racist videos and seemingly gets an award! What the hell? Marjorie Taylor Greene, a businesswoman, has won the Republican nomination for Georgia’s 14th Congressional District.

Yep, this lady won the nomination even though she’s said a lot of INSANE things. One of which was that the Black and Hispanic communities are held back by “gangs and drugs.” She even accused a Jewish man, billionaire philanthropist George Soros, of being a Nazi collaborator. Like how does that make sense?


Some people are backing her because she’s “honest.” But being honest doesn’t mean that you are right or sane. Greene is an avid Trump supporter and she said something reminiscent of him. “So the Republican establishment was against me. The DC swamp has been against me. And the lying fake news media hates my guts. Yep, it’s a badge of honor.”


This is ridiculous. She’s crazy, my mom told me to get an education not join a gang??? I’ve never even done drugs let alone have it run my life? Also white people also are plagued with these issues?? So I guess it makes sense she’s bowing down to President Orange. But even so she should be fired/resign like Tom Eckerle. Hold them accountable, should be a second priority to holding the police accountable.

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