Bullets Rain Down On Children. We Want The Footage!

Bullets Rain Down On Children. We Want The Footage!

Police In Georgia Shoot At Black Kids For “Traffic Violation”


To see your kids running to you with gunshots behind them and to see two of your sons on the ground, it has to be terrifying. Worse. Officers rained down bullets on children ranging from 9-16. For a traffic violation! I guess traffic violation equals bullets now and they wonder why we want change.

Five children on their way home from Walmart noticed the police following them and were scared. When the cops turned on their lights the two older children told the little ones to run and get their father. Guess what happened when they stepped out the car. Cops went berserk and decided a 9 year old was good target practice. 🤬


The 15 year old is seen in the video bleeding right above the eye again, after being arrested for a “traffic violation”. I’m still waiting to hear what the violation was!. So what do we want now? The only thing we can trust now. The body cam footage. The police have made statements before but the footage contradicted them. So they can say whatever they want but we can’t trust it anymore. The police are now on the same level as politicians.

Worst yet, the kids recounting of the story sounds horrifying. The police didn’t flash their lights until the kids were practically in their driveway despite following them a couple blocks. The older siblings told the younger ones to get their dad as they ran for the front door, a police officer let off 7 ROUNDS AT CHILDREN. He just barely missed the 9 year old’s face, as the 9 year old says he saw a bullet fly past his eyes and hit a nearby swing set.

Imagine having to live through that as a parent. Even more so as the child.


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