Police facing charges of manslaughter after Killing John Neville

Not A Knee On The Neck But A Face In The Ground


Five detention officers and a nurse are facing involuntary manslaughter for the death of John Neville. Neville had a medical emergency and the officers and nurses did exactly the opposite to aid his issues. Neville yelled he couldn’t breath multiple times yet they were neglected. In fact they made it worse.


They put a mesh head mash over his face near the start. They moved him to another cell and laid him face down on the ground. He yelled for help and yelled he couldn’t breath. They didn’t fix or readjust him. On the officers and nurses exit of the cell, they kept him FACE DOWN on the ground. It wasn’t until he STOPPED breathing did they take him to a hospital. In that hospital he died 2 days later.

Why are our screams for help neglected? This is wrong and unjust. Thankfully (better said hopefully) these officers and nurse are getting theirs. Say his name, John Neville!


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