Guns Drawn on a Car Full Of Kids and Mom!

Guns Drawn on a Car Full Of Kids and Mom!

A Mistake Led to Kids and Mom In Handcuffs on the Ground


A girls trip should be fun. A girls trip shouldn’t turn into what this became! A car full of ladies had cops stop them and guns drawn. Most of these ladies were underage. Terrible tragedy, but not unexpected with everything coming to light. These ladies were all Black. Now it makes sense.

This stop was a mistake and was supposed to be a motorcycle. Instead of double checking before they rushed the vehicle full of ladies with guns. Ordering them to the ground and handcuffing them as they are crying and saying they were scared.


The stop was defended in a statement saying that stops like this are intense and have all people in suspected vehicle removed and lying prone on the ground. Now the only issue is there is no written code to handling these stops. Meaning they can easily handle a question of stolen vehicle differently. Especially if they can see that there is a 6 year old girl in the backseat.

People question why we a Black Americans don’t feel safe around cops. But if there’s no policy on how a stop of a vehicle that MIGHT have been stolen. Guns full drawn on a vehicle they KNEW full well were full of underage girls. One of the girls stated, “It’s like they don’t care. Who am I going to call when my life is in danger?” Exactly.


They tell us not to demonize the police, but the police do it to themselves! We can’t call them and feel safe. Black police can’t even drive in uniform without being harassed! We are not safe. That’s our issue. This is why we say Black Lives Matter.

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One thought on “Guns Drawn on a Car Full Of Kids and Mom!

  1. I am retired police officer and there no excuse for this type of treatment regardless of the nature of the call. There is something called common sense and discretion that an officer can use at anytime. This seemed like the right time to do both!! I hope the ladies sue the shit out of that department!! Not that that it will ease their pain. But at least it is something !!

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