KKK VS All Black Baseball Team! The Game of 1925

kkk v monroevians

Peaceful Game From Beginning to End

1925 saw a game that NO ONE talks about. The KKK VS The Monrovians, an all Black team! The game happened on June 21st 1925 and it opened eyes! The game was peaceful from beginning to end, surprisingly. The KKK were peaceful for a game of Baseball! Insane to think about, but it happened. 🤷🏽‍♂️

The Monrovians played in the “Colored Western League” for one year and they DOMINATED that year. A crazy record of 52-8. The team was named for the capital of Liberia and they would hand L’s to ANYBODY who wanted it!


During 1925 the KKK was becoming a political issue and locals were trying to kick them out of Kansas. Hmmm, wonder why? Baseball was the game back then and could help paint the kkk in a good light (if they remained peaceful). So the challenge was issued and the two teams met on the field!

The flyer advertising the game asked no one to bring, “strangleholds, razors, horsewhips, or other violent implements”, what an interesting request. People listened and on arrival, during the game, and leaving people were peaceful. In fact the stadium wasn’t even segregated or anything, there were black and white families right next to each other!


The game was pretty close. First inning it was 1-1 and by the end of the game the score was 10-8, with the Monrovians winning!!! What’s more great is that the Monrovians players weren’t found hanging days later! After this game the KKK basically were done in Kansas and were outlawed. The Monrovians disbanded after the season and most of the team joined the Kansas City Monarchs. The Monarchs then became the longest-running franchise in the Negro Leagues.

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