Federal Agents Starting to Leave Portland. Maybe?

A Phased Exit is to Begin for Federal Agents in Portland

A Phased Exit is to Begin for Federal Agents in Portland


They are gone! Kinda. The Trump admin and Oregon’s governor have agreed on the much needed exit of the federal agents. The Trump admin finally agreed to have the federal agents start to leave Portland. This is after Trump speaking praise of the agents and what they were doing. This decision has come way to late and after many violent nights between protesters and agents.

So with the Trump admin on board with having the agents exit stage right, there is still a hold up. Of course. The White house and the Department of Homeland Security have said that the agents will be called back when attacks on the courthouse cease to happen.

So, this will be a phased leaving. Kate Brown, Oregon’s governor, explains, “The local Oregon officers of the Oregon State Police will provide protection for free speech and the security of the exterior of the courthouse with the Federal Protective Service. A limited contingent of federal officials, who act as building security year-round, will remain and will stay focused on the interior of the U.S. Courthouse.”


A majority will be leaving, but some will stay to protect the courthouse. This is long overdue. These people were out there KIDNAPPING dudes and the White House turned the other cheek with Trump was cheering them on. They even tear gassed Portland’s mayor! Honestly, people have been calling out the federal agents in Portland because it seemed like this was to overshadow the goal of the protests in headlines.

Again this hasn’t happened yet and it won’t happen until they (the White House) can assure the safety of the courthouse. But the plan is there. I guess that’s good news? A plan is only good when in effect. President Orange spoke on Wednesday, basically backpedaling this whole phased leaving plan. He said Portland is “very well secured” and the agents are “not leaving until they’ve secured the city.”

Honestly I’m glad they have a plan. But I’m sure it won’t be happening in the next few weeks. It’s insane to me how the White House is condoning the suffering of its people and now threatening them more. In the video you hear Trump say what he plans to do. Superb plan I might add from the Orange one himself.


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