Gloria Bambo Found Hanging in Her Garage By Roomate. Police Covering it up?


Police Ruled it a Suicide But Something Doesn’t Add Up! SIGN HER PETITION!

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Gloria went missing on July 9th, supposedly the same day she died. She was found by her 19 year old roommate THREE days later. Police ruled her death a suicide and Gloria’s roommate has been cooperative according to police.

Police made a statement, “We typically do not comment on suicides, including naming the deceased, but due to the public nature of this case we feel the need to clarify some inaccuracies.” They really don’t speak on anything though. All they really say is, ” All evidence in the case so far leads investigators to believe it was suicide.” They go on to say the coroner’s death report is consistent with suicide and the investigation is ongoing.


So here are the questions people have been asking. How was she not found for three days, in Texas, in the SUMMER? With the heat and humidity, how did people not smell the body decomposing? How was she not found even though there were frequent repairs in the garage at the time she was missing? And my own personal question. How are we supposed to TRUST the police when the ones actually doing the right thing are getting fired? Speak Gloria’s name so they know we aren’t satisfied with filler. We want the truth and we want justice.


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