Virginia Trashes Confederate Statues Overnight

House of Delegates Speaker Orders Their Removal


Eight Statues were gone on last Friday morning. All of which were Confederate statues. After recent news of statues being ripped from the ground by people, speaking about the “White Live Matter” anti protesters, you’d think it was civilians who did this. NOPE. Virginia ordered their removal and they got removed overnight.

These statues sat in Virginia’s Old House Chamber, in a place of honor. Virginia House of Delegates speaker, Eileen Filler-Corn thought that was bull and with that she made the order to remove them. Damn straight. These men that were removed are idolized as heroes. These men kept slaves and fought in a war because they didn’t want to do their own labor and/or want to pay for labor. NOT TO MENTION THEY WERE TRAITORS.

They were selfish people and morons fly that flag with pride and think we shouldn’t be offended. Eileen agrees, “Virginia has a story to tell that extends far beyond glorifying the Confederacy and its participants. The Confederacy’s primary objective in the Civil War was to preserve an ideology that maintained the enslavement of human beings. Now is the time to provide context to our Capitol to truly tell the Commonwealth’s whole history.”


Obviously there was disapproval but honestly the arguments against the removal is stupid. Republican Sen. Amanda Chase had tweeted this, “Under the cloak of darkness our spineless governor takes down Virginia’s historical landmarks within the people’s capital.” Can I make a few points? Good.

Historic landmark? So, Hitler is a piece of German history, yet there is no statue honoring him or his generals. He was on the wrong side of the war doing evil things, but if there was a statue of him people would be furious. Confederate soldiers were fighting to keep slavery around. I think we can agree that slavery is terrible, right? Okay. Same with flags. The Nazi flag is a huge part of Germany. Most people here Germany and they think Hitler. So, why isn’t there Nazi flags flying. “They represent where I come from” is not true. The confederate flag is representing the ideology that slavery should be intact.


Although there has been scrutiny, there has been a lot of praise as well. Another Delegate, Lamont Bagby said, “Generations of Virginians, Americans, and visitors from around the world have been greeted by these imposing symbols of treason and white supremacy for far too long. If we are going to continue building a more inclusive and just Commonwealth, we must acknowledge and denounce the darkest parts of our nation’s history, not celebrate them.” This is an awesome act and I’m glad the government (small areas granted) is doing something in our favor. It’s great but we need arrests, convictions, and court justice for cops still on the streets for the murders of innocent Black lives. Thank you Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn.

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