A New Place For Troubled Black  Youths Coming Soon

A New Place For Troubled Black Youths Coming Soon

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Community Center Being Built Former Troubled Youth


Melvin Kelly. Lets just begin with a round of applause for this man. A true example of overcoming the past. This man, Melvin Kelly, is opening a community center and started Brothers 2 Brothers. Brothers 2 Brothers is an organization that is trying to help troubled youth. But because of what he knows and has experienced, he’s looking for kids that need help on the street. Engaging with kids and talking to parents. Getting them food, before coronavirus, to bridge the age gap. Brothers 2 Brothers is based around trying to bridge the age gap between younger and and older Black males.

Brothers 2 Brothers has sponsored events already. One being an “expungement session,” which is where an attorney sits with youth and talks to them about how to seal records of convictions and arrests. That’s amazing and genius. Slow clap, lets go. When done building, they will offer a series of programs, so kids can find their path which will include job training, gardening, cooking, and music will be just some of the programs they’ll offer. “Everything will be centered around education; it will just not be formal education,” Kelly said.


Brothers 2 Brothers will be located in Muncie, Indiana. 306 E. Fifth St. to be exact. It’ll be a brick one story building and it’s two blocks away from Madison street. This former biker’s club will now be new place for kids to come and feel safe.

Melvin Kelly is an underdog. “I messed up in the past: jail, prison, boys school, children’s home, you name it.” But now, he has raised four sons, owns his own business, works for the Parks Department for Muncie, works at Yorktown High as an in-school suspension supervisor, and managed at the Youth Opportunity Center. This man is made to help others. To give a little insight on what he’s overcome. He started drinking at 6. AT 6. Alcohol at 6 and raised by a single parent, been to jail, prison, children’s homes, and boys school. He quit drinking at 27 and now at 57 he’s 30 years clean. Brothers 2 Brothers is an example of the Black Businesses to look for. “No matter what happens, push towards a better future. Kelly said, “My life is a reflection that you can come from bad circumstances and still live a positive life.”


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