Portland Mayor Tear Gassed by Federal Officers While Speaking with Protesters

Mayor Wheeler Gassed While Trying to Calm Protestors


Portland, Oregon is covering headlines. From kidnappings to a wall of moms. Now the federal officers have tear gassed Portland’s Mayor, Ted Wheeler. Mayor Wheeler was speaking to the protestors in front of a federal courthouse saying he wanted the Federal Officers gone too. He was trying to answer questions to help calm down the BLM movement to little avail. When someone threw flaming garbage over a wall, the officers fired back with tear gas. In the video you can see him speak against the officers, being tear gassed and being criticized.

Wheeler was jeered and booed at the fact he was saying reform takes time. That’s funny because California and Florida have cities making some amazing reforms. So what’s the hold up? Wheeler did acknowledge the fact he was a “white, privileged male.” Got that right. He did meet with local leaders of the BLM social justice movement and they demanded quicker reforms. His answer was generic, “Obviously we have a long way to go. Everyone here has a job to do, all of us.” Duh.


Mayor Wheeler was also criticized for only coming out only after a group of white mothers who participated in the wall of moms got gassed. Which I agree with. Tensions have been high and things have gotten out of hands a long time ago. So where was he then?

Mayor Wheeler has been criticized but he did say something important. “It’s hard to breathe, it’s a lot harder to breathe than I thought. This is abhorrent. This is beneath us.” Hell yeah it is. We’ve been saying that since the beginning. These officers are attacking innocent, peaceful protestors with this stuff and it could kill someone. I’m glad a higher up finally sees this. These officers may have a lot of the headlines but we need to keep doing our part to be heard. Don’t give up because we’ve been muffled a bit. Speak louder!


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