10 Year Old, Molu Zarpeleh, Drowned and Dismissed?

10 Year Old, Molu Zarpeleh, Drowned and Dismissed?
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Death and violence is never fun to read or hear about. Especially if the victim is a child. What’s worse is that death is not being honored or wasn’t even acknowledged when it happened. 10 year old, Molu Zarpeleh, was drowned by older kids. When those kids told their parents what happened, the parents dismissed them.

Now there is a lot going on with this story. Molu’s bike and sandals were found by the pond where he died at 10pm. 90 minutes after he died these were found. His body wasn’t “found” until 8:40 am the next morning. Found in quotation marks because it’s rumored that the police are trying to cover up the murder as an accident.


Brookings P.D. claims they “received tips related to circumstances surrounding the incident which resulted in an investigation of individuals identified through information sharing”. They also said that through investigation and interviews these claims were not factual. This cover up rumor seems more than likely, especially when looking at the facts.

The older kids called him over, drowned him, told their parents. Their parents declined to say anything until after the body was found. The parents told the police, thereby ADMITTING to what had taken place. And as if there was not anything else proving the situation, apparently there is also surveillance footage being suppressed by police in their efforts to cover this up (we couldn’t independently verify this claim).


The older kids admitted luring him over, lying to him and pushing him in the pond. They told their parents and the parents dismissed them. And so they AREN’T being charged! These parents didn’t tell anyone and now a mom is suffering.

Molu’s mom said, “I don’t even know what to do right now. I can’t live without my son. I can’t do it without my son. He was my everything. I can’t live without my son. My heart is hurting.” Molu is said to be the one to run to peoples aid when needed or wanted. Yet when he needs justice, it gets silenced. An angering repeat of no justice being found for the black community. Molu now joins a horrifically long list with Breonna Taylor of black peoples who need justice. Say their names! Sign their Petitions!

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