Mama Obama Has a Podcast Coming Soon!

Mama Obama Has a Podcast Coming Soon!

July 29th You can hear America’s Forever First Lady Each Week


To bring some good news to an INSANE year, we have Michelle Obama beginning a podcast series! This Queen has always been looking out for America and each and everyone of us. Partnering with Disney at one point for a while to try and promote healthy choices and working on other initiatives. These initiatives include Let’s Move!, Reach Higher, Let Girls Learn, and Joining Forces.

Her podcast will be called, “The Michelle Obama Podcast” and again will be out on July 29th. Hard name to remember, I know. She will be exploring “relationships that make us who we are” and she’ll be talking to her family members and friends. The relationship conversations will make up season 1 of her podcast, meaning there will be more which is really cool.

As you can see in her announcement, Mama Obama is really excited and said in the promo, “What I love about these conversations that is that they’re topics and issues that we’re all dealing with no matter what is going on. Whether that’s a global pandemic or a nationwide reckoning with race.”


Now, having these conversations would be really hard alone so there are confirmed guests. These guests include, Mrs.Obama’s mama, Marian Robinson and her brother Craig Robinson; President Obama’s former advisor Valerie Jarrett; NPR’s first Black woman host and journalist Michele Norris and lastly Dr.Sharon Malone.

Dr.Malone is an obstetrician-gynecologist and wife of former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. Michelle Obama has high hopes saying, “My hope is that this podcast can be a place for us to sort through the answers to the questions we’re all trying to answer. A place to open up and be a little vulnerable and have some fun along the way.”


This, like I said will be a series, since Spotify and her signed a multi-year partnership and will be produced by the former first couple’s production company, High Ground. This production company is focused on giving diverse voices.

The first couple also has a deal with Netflix, so yes keep your eye out for that! This deal included documentaries, scripted and unscripted programs and films. Pretty dope! In the meantime though, check out her podcast on July 29th.

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