Surgery and a Makeover by Black Surgeon!

Black Surgeon Braids Patients Natural Hair

Black Surgeon Braids Patients Natural Hair


Surgery absolutely sucks, but waking to find hair you thought was going to be removed actually isn’t makes it just a little less terrible! This was the case for India Marshall!

India woke up after a surgery to find her hair not only still there but neatly braided too! The braids made it easier to care for the incision since it kept her hair out of the way. What’s crazy up until the follow up, she thought it was the nurses that did this for her. Mannnnn, was she wrong. Little did she know her surgeon gave her the makeover and did her surgery!

On her follow up, India learned that it was her surgeon, Dr. Jewel Greywoode, who braided her hair before the surgery to save her natural hair! Dr. Jewel Greywoode, a Black surgeon, surprised India Marshall with the news that he braided her hair before surgery.


Dr. Greywoode explained why he performed this extra step, “Once I took the [surgical] cap off, I saw that she had thick, dark, curly hair like my daughters’ hair. I did the braids just where I needed to get access, and afterward I used staples, because every time you use stitches you tend to cut hair. Nobody wants to have their hair cut or shaved”. He also mentioned he has “curl nights” where his wife and him braid their three daughters hair.

This was a special action that India tweeted about and it went viral! This has sparked an interest in Black people to look for and be seen by Black health care providers! As Marshall stated, “I feel like there is a level of care and connection with Black doctors and Black patients that we don’t necessarily always get.” We need to search out for the Black health care providers and just businesses in general. We are working with each other to fight injustice. Now we should look for Black businesses so we can grow together.


*Starts typing in “black surgeons near me”

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