16 Year Old Cornelius Frederick Crushed by 3 Staff Members

Cornelius Fredericks Was Crushed In Detainment

Cornelius Fredericks Was Crushed In Detainment


Cornelius Fredericks was a resident at Lakeside Academy in Michigan. A treatment center for young adults who’ve been placed through foster care or by parents to help with behavioral issues. On Wednesday, April 29th Cornelius was crushed by three staff members and went into cardiac arrest. Two days later on May 1st, he tragically died.

The three were charged with involuntary manslaughter and child abuse charges.

Michael Mosley (47), Zachary Solis (28), and Heather McLogan (48) are the staff members at Lakeside Academy who as they tried to restrain Cornelius, TWO of them laid across his body. Two fully grown male adults laid on 16 year old Cornelius! That’s insane! Not only that but he was “restrained” for 12 minutes!


All three staff members have plead not guilty, with Mosley’s lawyer saying he was innocent because he was following protocol. That’s interesting, lets ask the owner of Lakeside Academy, shall we? “The restraint was not conducted in accordance with our policies and training. At Sequel, it is our policy to only use restraints as an emergency safety intervention in two situations: 1) when a student exhibits imminent danger to self and 2) when a student exhibits imminent danger to others, and in those cases to use the minimal level of intervention possible”. Yeah I think Mosley might be guilty.

McLogan’s attorney was adamant she’d be free due to lack of evidence, saying, “This is a terrible tragedy. Our hearts go out to his loved ones and the Kalamazoo community. However, justice cannot be served by an injustice. “My client, Heather McLogan, has done nothing criminal and when the evidence is in, she will be vindicated.” I’m pretty sure being an accomplice to murder is a crime, just saying.


Lastly, Solis’s lawyer basically said the same thing as Mosley’s lawyer in where he was following procedure. WRONG! Solis’s lawyer tried to pull at heartstrings saying, “He is a gentle giant and had a great relationship with these kids.” Can I just take you back real quick to the fact he said GIANT!? Murder is murder and I’m sure both fully grown adults can figure out it doesn’t take one man and a “giant” to lay across a child to restrain him.

Why did they need to restrain him? It had to be something terrible right? Maybe a fight? No, it was because Cornelius was throwing food. Granted, that could’ve led to a fight, but having two men lay on him for 12 minutes is not the way to handle the situation. Now we have lost another child that could’ve done great things if he had got the help he needed.

You can sign his petition here! PLEASE DO! the 3 staff members we want in jail are already on bond, signing this petition will support the cause! Sign here!

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