Y’all heard of WARRIOR Princess Yennenga?

y'all heard of WARRIOR Princess Yennenga?

We’ve always had STRONG BLACK WOMEN, y’all heard of WARRIOR Princess Yennenga?


Princess Yennenga WAS A STRAIGHT UP BOSS. She was known as the most BEAUTIFUL in her kingdom, and was her daughter of a strong king named Nedega. This beauty was also a BEAST in the field! Nedega would take her INTO BATTLE with him, SINCE SHE WAS 14!

And I don’t mean they would chill on the sidelines, NO SHE WAS LITERALLY TAKING OUT GROWN ASS MEN ON THE BATTLE FIELD HERSELF AT AGE 14! See not only was she the most beautiful, she was also the kingdom’s STRONGEST WARRIOR! Even leading her OWN battalion!

She MASTERED all weapons the kingdom had to offer, and was the BEST horse rider to. Not only was she the best at EVERYTHING, SHE HAD TWO BROTHERS that she COMPLETELY outshined! I couldn’t even find their names while researching! That’s how INSANELY awesome she was!


There was an issue however

Princess Yennenga REALLY wanted to get married, however her father didn’t want to lose his BEST warrior, not sure why she couldn’t do both. King Nedega FORBADE her from getting married. So what did she do? What any normal young adult would.

She planted a field of wheat and when the crop was ready to harvest, she simply let it rot. Her father asked her” Yennenga, why have you planted this beautiful field to simply let it rot?” Her response was “because that is what you are doing to me by not letting me marry”. BOOM MIC DROP.

King Nedega didn’t quite like this stunt and locked up Princess Yennenga. One of the king’s horsemen helped her escape though. She dressed as a man, grabbed her stallion, and the two left in the middle of the night. An enemy nation spotted the two, and attacked them! The story splits in two ways here.

It’s said that, the other horseman distracted the enemy while Yennenga fled. The other way the story goes is that the two fought, and the other horseman was killed, but Yennenga fought off the enemy herself. I like the second version better! Anyways, she continued on her road alone.


She became exhausted after crossing a river, and happened to notice a house, she went to the house for refuge, and met a famed elephant hunter, don’t approve the elephant hunting, Riale. The two fell in love INSTANTLY. They had a son named Ouedraogo, which meant “stallion”.

He was named after the horse that led her to her love! Ouedraogo would eventually go on to found the Mossi Kingdom (current day Burkina Faso), making Yennenga mother to the Mossi people. She is currently immortalized ALL OVER Burkina Faso with statues. She’s even the award statue for an African Film Festival!


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