Trump parrots the “more white people get killed by the cops stat as a JUSTIFICATION for not acting when blacks are!

More white people OBVIOUSLY get killed, why this isn’t the issue though

From 2017-2020 (before recent events), killed approx. 1,398 white people. Conversely, they also killed approx. 755 black people. In total they killed 3,416 people since 2017. It is correct to say more white people were killed.

Click here to see source

HOWEVER, the US 77% white, SO DUH MORE WILL BE KILLED‼️ But comparatively, the US is only 13.4% black, yet the number of black deaths make up MORE THAN HALF of the number of white deaths??? Do you see the problem here! THIS IS WHY BLACK PEOPLE ARE SAID TO BE KILLED MORE. Stats behind population can be found here from the census website.

Other arguments: Black People commit more crime

This is incorrect! The FBI statistics for 2018 (most recent) show that white people commit WAY more crime in the U.S. than anyone!

In fact, white people more than DOUBLE every other group…. COMBINED. A whopping 69% of crimes are committed by them! Click here to see the FBI chart!

Well white people commit more crime, BUT BLACK PEOPLE COMMIT 52% OF VIOLENT CRIME

Again, this is also wrong! I also HATE when people bring this up. Because this statistic is also wrong and outdated. You will hear this as the ONLY cited statistic talked about on FOX News shows, because fail to do research into the actual stat.

This statistic comes from data that was aggregated between the years of 1980 to 2008! A 29 YEAR PERIOD. However if you look at the years INDIVIDUALLY. You will see for the overwhelming majority, white people committed more violent crime.

On top of that, during the 70’s and especially the 80’s the government was LITERALLY FUNNELING CRACK/COCAINE INTO BLACK NEIGHBORHOODS ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. Let’s look at the data for 2018 again, shall we! The FBI reports that white people committed 59% of ALL VIOLENT CRIME. In 2017, white people maintained their 59% majority of violent crime as well. Same for the years before!

Don’t believe me? Read about 2018 stats here! Read about 2017 stats here!

Those are LEFTIST news articles or statistics

Yes, the FBI and CIA are both leftist black loving liberals! Just ask J Edgar Hoover!

Last but not least!

Black Lives Matter!

This has been the total and UTTER destruction of the arguments AGAINST BLM. Brought to you by FBI stats, and White denial!

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