Queen Wrongfully Arrested While Naked IN HER HOME!

LAPD Just Violating All Kinds of Rights

LAPD Just Violating All Kinds of Rights


A Queen, referring as Jane Doe, was arrested after the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department broke into her home, “searching” for her brother who was ALREADY being arrested elsewhere. The sheriff’s broke into her home while she was showering and arrested her naked.

She stated, “Im telling him I’m not dressed and to wait a minute.” To which she said they replied no and opened the door. “There was no threat to the public and no reason for deputies to go into the home in the manner they did,” Jane Doe’s attorney Brian Dunn said.

Jane Doe, her son, and her 13 year old sister were home. Jane was showering, when the deputies burst through her door and forcibly removed her from the home. Still naked and with her son and sister watching, four MALE deputies take her down a flight of stairs with a blanket over her. She also was visibly MENSTRATING making the affair a much more demeaning act by the deputies.


While being arrested, she was told they were looking for her brother on assault charges. On the yard leading to the squad cars, she was searched and they opened up the blanket. She threw herself to the ground, because she was again NAKED and neighbors as well as a bunch of police WERE WATCHING. Jane says the deputies yelled stop resisting and a bunch of them jumped on top of her. “They jumped on top of me, was touching my butt, my private area, my legs, all of the stuff. An officer had his hand in my head, he had his knee in my neck”. To make it worse she was “hogtied” and drug across the yard and into the squad car.

All this for a search of a man who WASN’T even there. They were arresting the brother around the same time but in South Los Angeles. To add insult to injury, they later released the brother because of INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE!

They put this Queen through hell even though they had no evidence. She’s filed a lawsuit in U.S District Court claiming, “the deputies were negligent when they conducted an unreasonable search of her home, and as a result, inflicted emotional distress.” Sounds a bit accurate to me.


Jane Doe said later on to NBC4 I-Team, “I’m in complete shock that it happened. I feel as if they should be held accountable for their actions.” PREACH! That is what we are fighting for! Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many more that need police to be held responsible.

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