Bad Cops Protected, Good Cop Who Reveals Truth of Eric Lurry Fired!

Sgt. Javier Esqueda has been basically fired.

Cop Fired After Releasing a Video of Lurry’s Death in Police Custody


Sgt. Javier Esqueda has been basically fired. He was placed on administrative leave and stripped of police powers after Sgt. Esqueda leaked the truth to the public about Lurry’s death while Lurry was in custody. The video shows one cop clamping his nose, while another cop SHOVED a baton down Lurry’s throat for over a MINUTE AND A HALF. I’m no expert, but i’m pretty sure that can be considered torture.

The Police Chief for that department stated, “it was learned that Sergeant Esqueda gained unauthorized access to a video that was being investigated by an outside agency, the (Will-Grundy) Major Crimes Task Force. This video that he accessed was shared outside the police department violating chain of custody and potentially compromising evidence in a criminal investigation. When this was discovered, I immediately opened a criminal investigation on June 18, 2020”.

The Chief went on to explain why he was put on leave, “due to him being under a criminal and an internal investigation. This was opened in regard to his unauthorized access to video evidence that was involved in a criminal investigation, which could have compromised the case.”


So, Sgt. Esqueda was put on leave and stripped of power for informing the public of wrongdoing as cops should do, but the people who tortured Eric Lurry are still on the force because the coroner said their actions did not cause Eric’s death nor did they play a role. I call BULL.

The death was ruled an accidental overdose due to the drugs Eric swallowed before his arrest. So you release a video of wrongdoing and you shouldn’t have police power? BUT if you tortured a person with aid from another officer, someone who couldn’t defend himself that is COMPLETELY FINE?!

Thankfully, the Mayor, O’Dekirk, has asked Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul to investigate Lurry’s death. Illinois residents have been calling into the department for the arrest of the cops in the video. Joliet Police Department Chief needs to do the right thing and RESTORE the good cop, and fire the bad ones!


Sgt. Esqueda was mentally prepared for the steps taken against him, “The person I fear is God. Other men, I don’t fear they’re going to come after me. Have at it. I did the right thing. I’m a good, honest cop.”

These are the kind of men and women we want in those cars, yet Sgt. Esqueda is on forced leave while the real criminals Esqueda showed are still in uniform and on the streets. Do people really need to keep questioning our fear of police? I’d think it’s pretty damn obvious now.

Petitions for other victims here!

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One thought on “Bad Cops Protected, Good Cop Who Reveals Truth of Eric Lurry Fired!

  1. I agree unfortunately society as a whole has always gone after the whistle blower. That has to change immediately. Especially in the policing profession.

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