Muhammad Muhaymin’s Killing was Swept Under the Rug! Similar to Floyd’s case!

Muhammad Muhaymin died at the hands of those sworn to protect.

Muhammad died at the hands of those sworn to protect.

You may not have heard of this man or his killing. That is because 3 years ago when it was committed Muhammad Muhaymin’s killing was swept under the rug! After reading this you’ll see how it is shockingly similar to Floyd’s case!


Muhammad was a 43 year old homeless, Muslim, and unarmed black male. Which makes since as to why the national media wouldn’t share his story, in the media’s eyes, black, homeless, and Muslim isn’t a winning story combination. His killing was only run on local news sources, and it was told that he was an non compliant black man.

Another reason this didn’t make national news is because we only had body-cam footage to rely on, there was no bystander with a camera sadly. It all started when Muhammad wanted to USE A PUBLIC BATHROOM. Something that normally isn’t a death sentence, UNLESS you are attempting to do it while black.

Muhammad suffered from anxiety and other mental illness and had an emotional support dog, Chiquita. He tried to go to the bathroom with Chiquita in tow, police were called on the man carrying his dog in attempts to use the bathroom. Once there the police allowed him to use the PUBLIC bathroom. Once out, they told him he had a warrant ad it was then the beginning of the end for Muhammad.


He was placed in cuffs and you can hear his CLEAR CONFUSION as to how he had a warrant. On top of that, the officers did little to actually articulate why they were arresting him other than calling him a dumbass twice throughout the interaction.

The TEN OFFICERS then force him to the ground, pick him back up, move him him and force him back to the ground again. It can be heard that he pleads with officers, “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe” he said repeatedly. “Please Allah”, to which an officer responds “Allah? He’s not going to help you now,”.

They force their knees all over his body, especially on his neck/head. Sound familiar? and how long were their knees on his head and neck? A little over 8 minutes similar to how Floyd had a knee on him for 8 and a half minutes.


During the entire exchange you can hear the police yelling at him to relax, calling him a dumbass. They continue to verbally antagonize him as he asks for breath. The cops were ALL cleared of wrongdoing, and continue to “serve” to this day.

The sister of Muhammad is currently suing the police department for the death of her brother.

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