Couple Who Aimed Guns at BLM Protesters Have Guns Taken

Claimed He Feared the "Angry Mob"

Claimed He Feared the “Angry Mob”


In Missouri, a white couple aimed guns at Black Lives Matter protesters and had their guns taken by St. Louis officers.

A video shows how this white couple were standing outside their home as protesters walked by slowly, chanting “Black Lives Matter.” In an interview, the husband, Mark McCloskey, stated, “I was a person who was scared for my life, who was protecting my wife, my home, my harth, my livelihood. I was a victim of a mob who came through the gate. I didn’t care what color they were, I didn’t care what their motivation was, I was frightened, I was assaulted.”

This man brought out a semi automatic AR-15 Rifle! In the video, there was no angry mob, just a slow march of no aggression that chanted Black Lives Matter. You can see a few brothers keep protesters moving to avoid any trouble as some stop and stare. All while his wife, Patricia McCloskey, was actively pointing a pistol (badly, but still) at protesters.


She looked ready to pop off someone at a moments notice for no reason. This couple work as personal injury attorneys and I’m sure they’ll no longer have done if at all any black clients.

The St. Louis officers executed a search warrant on the McCloskey’s home and took the AR-15. While we called for arrests for aiming guns at people who didn’t stand on their property or come near them at all. Protest leaders kept people moving and denied that any yells of, “killing the dog, threatened to burn our house down, and going to come and get you later.”

Honestly, we have video evidence that these protesters were not violent. These protesters were only chanting Black Lives Matter. These protesters, even if they we on private street, in no way does that mean they deserve a gun pointed at them for walking peacefully. Let alone a semi automatic weapon.


The worst part is this couple is being revered as a hero by gun owners and used as the face to contest the Black Lives Matter movement. The more enemies we face shows that we are getting closer to the end. So keep fighting (peacefully) and hold your heads high and speak up. WE CAN DO THIS!

Apparently though, the couple have been offered a new AND FREE AR by over 50 people! Read about that here!

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  1. If that couple feels the need to receive has a gift more fire arms. Thats on them, the world have seen what they were all about and their faces will be just another part of the faces use for generations has people being on the wrong side of history.

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