White Couple Arrested for Defacing BLM Mural

Video Below!

The Protests to our Protests are Getting Pretty Dumb. White Couple Arrested for Defacing BLM Mural.

David Nelson and Nicole Anderson are the worst at fighting against us. Poorly planned, left a map to their front door and painted over the Yellow BLM mural with black paint, which was CLEARLY visible still and you know BLACK! I honestly thought it could’ve been an upgrade!

This dumb couple got arrested for defacing a, pre-approved by the government, mural with BLACK paint which still made it visible. They weren’t even able to finish “defacing it” before an onlooker took away their paint. Thank you that guy!

An hour later they were in court on charges of a hate crime, vandalism under $400, and possession of tools to commit vandalism. I sure hope a year in prison is worth two letters of paint. BIG FREAKING DUMMIES!


The reasoning for their actions, if anyone cares, is they are “sick of this narrative of police brutality, the narrative of oppression, the narrative or racism. It’s a lie. It’s a lie.”

Investigators found these two racism for brains quickly due to their license plate being on camera visibly as they grab more paint from their truck and his name was on the truck! Who in their right mind would do this thinking they’d be untouchable from the law and backlash with their NAME ON THE TRUNK!

Karen’s keep showing up but we keep fighting. Hopefully they are all as dumb as this one!

Oh and here’s the full video if anyone was wondering!


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One thought on “White Couple Arrested for Defacing BLM Mural

  1. The reason this problem of racism have gone on for so long in this country, is that the rich whites feed the ignorant ones this bullshit. And the ignorant ones act on it!!

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