Rubber Bullets on Protesters Funny? Miami PD Caught

Rubber Bullets on Protesters Funny? Miami PD Caught


Officers fire rubber bullets on protesters and then laugh and joke about it

Body cam footage shows two cops joke after firing rubber bullets at unarmed and unprotected protesters after protesters threw back tear gas at cops with masks and full body gear. After the fact two cops joke and laugh about their actions. Honestly I didn’t think firing rubber bullets on protesters is funny? Maybe I missed the joke?


Body cam footage shows two cops talking and preparing to engage with protesters, one trying to fix his gas mask because it is leaking. The footage then cuts to the officers standing in a group (more than 20) surveying the area. Then one of the officers that laughed said hes fired six and has six left referring to RUBBER BULLETS because he then said plenty of gas though. If you’ve never seen a rubber bullet then low and behold.

Then cops begin firing and whether or not it was justified it is seen after ONE protester throws a canister of tear gas back at the fully protected officers and they fire MULTIPLE shots at someone who is clearly RUNNING AWAY.

Not only are they using rubber bullets, which have been proven to break bones, can penetrate skin and be lethal, in addition to tear gas that HAS killed at least one person, they were also antagonizing the protesters as they shot them!


One officer yells, “Beat it, little f*****,” as they fire on the protester when he picked up the tear gas. After the fact, one officer talks to the officer with the body cam and while laughing says, “Plugged his a** three f****** times”. Which is when the second officer begins to laugh. It can also be seen that one officer points at the recording officers body cam, seemingly, to tell them to turn it off, as seconds later the video cuts.

The police department claimed the protesters instigated and acted violent first. Pictures and other videos don’t back up that claim. It almost appears as the police antagonized the peaceful protesters by shoving a kneeling protester. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so I’ve been told. Even if the protesters started it, the video shows excessive violence and PURE ENJOYMENT from at least two officers who fired on protesters.

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One thought on “Rubber Bullets on Protesters Funny? Miami PD Caught

  1. The police officers around the country were seen on many occasions as the provocateurs at a lot of the protests. Either they were shoving women, old people or skinny teens. The look was not good even cowardly in some instances

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