Sacramento Police are IGNORING the death of Taylor Blackwell


I told y’all this isn’t a moment, this is not a trend, WE CANNOT LET THIS STAND. Sacramento Police are IGNORING the death of Taylor Blackwell.

February 28th , We lost an intelligent and BEAUTIFUL black woman Taylor Blackwell.

Taylor Blackwell was a 19 year old sac-native student who attended Sierra College and majored in psychology. She had so much more life to live, so many goals to complete and definitely didn’t deserve any of this.

Around 12AM, she was found at The Woodspring Suites Hotel in South Sacramento. The fact that her life was unexpectedly cut short and after 4 months NO ONE knows ANYTHING. NO AUTOPSY, NO NEW LEADS, NO NEWS COVERAGE.

The last time she was contacted was shortly before 12am the same day. Information from police and the Woodspring Suites Hotel (where she was found) has not YET TO BE released. 4 months and there is not one bit of information. The system has failed another black woman.

Her mother was DENIED by the coroner’s office so they were unable to see her body until the day of the funeral. Of course many stories and false claims circulated but the cause of death is still UNKNOWN as mentioned earlier. 

It should also be mentioned that her mother was not only DENIED from seeing her child, her child’s items were NEVER given to the mother, and there was NO MENTIONS of the bruises on Taylor’s body UNTIL THE DAY OF the funeral.

Taylor was someone special to everyone she knew. She changed the lives of everyone she came in contact with. Her death does not sit right with any of the friends and family, and shouldn’t with anyone.


What you can do

PLEASE sign Taylor’s Petition here!

And you can call 916-808-0650 and ask to speak with detectives about Taylor’s case to demand information about the case be forthcoming. Case # 65350

This number is for the Autopsy Investigation. 916-874-9320, you can call this number and ask why an autopsy was never performed, if they say one was, then ask why the mother never received information about her daughter’s death.


Thank you everyone for reading and supporting, BLACK LIVES MATTER, and we not going to let them forget it either! You can also sign more petitions here.

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