Former Aurora Police Officers Recreate Choke hold of Elijah McClain

Officers Recreate the Choke to Cheer Up Coworker


What happened to Elijah McClain is horrific and to recap, Elijah was JUST walking home when cops in August tackled and put into a chokehold by at least one officer. They brutalized him EVEN THOUGH he was NOT being accused of a crime!

When the ambulance arrived, paramedics then injected him with ketamine to sedate him, which put him into cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital. He died as a result.

So three FORMER Aurora police officers decided recreating the choke hold of Elijah McClain in a photo, was the way to cheer up THE GUY WHO HELD HIM IN THE CHOKE HOLD! AND IT FREAKING WORKED, THE OFFICER WHO HELD HIM IN A CHOKE HOLD RESPONDED “HAHA” when he got the photo.

Jaron Jones, Kyle Dittrich, and Erica Marrero took a photo at the memorial site of Elijah, smiling, recreating the choke. Which the three sent to coworker, Jason Rosenblatt. As the officers put it, “cheer up a friend.” Yes, mocking a death of a 23 year-old is a great way to cheer someone up. NOT! THAT WAS BEYOND INSENSITIVE AND STUPID.


As said Rosenblatt replied “haha”. The officers involved in the death were cleared of wrong doing originally. But after George Floyd’s wrongful death, the case is to be reexamined per Colorado Gov. Jared Polis. Rosenblatt was involved in the encounter with Elijah and what contributed to his death.

The officers in the picture, Kyle Dittrich, and Erica Marrero were fired and Jaron Jones resigned. Jones was told if he didn’t resign he’d be terminated. And that Jones wouldn’t be able to be work as an officer in Colorado ever again. He’ll probably get a job in some other county or state though, because America.

Rosenblatt was also fired. Interim Police Chief Vanessa Wilson announced the termination of these officers by saying, “They don’t deserve to wear a badge anymore.” Best thing I’ve read in this disgusting incident.


Interesting how they were fired after recreation of the scene in a photo, BUT STILL HAD A JOB AFTER COMMITTING THE MURDER.

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