Another Black Man was Found Hanging from a Tree


Another Black Man was Found Hanging from a Tree.

Amani Kildea was a 20 year old man found hanging in a tree in Morristown, NJ. His death, without investigation, was ruled a suicide by the prosecutor. Since the initial statement of suicide, the Prosecutor has walked back on July 3rd and said that the investigation is ongoing.

Funnily enough, Amani actually wanted to work in law enforcement, as part of the FBI or CIA.

Amani was found an hour away from where he lives. It seems whenever a black body is found hanging the police are quick to claim suicide, but black people are not so naive. HOW COULD HE HAND HIMSELF WITH NO LADDER OR CHAIR OR ANYTHING. We are tired of suicide verdicts being handed down, COMPLETE THE INVESTIGATION.


Amani was the adopted child of white parents that originate from Ethiopia. He apparently was an active vigilante in his community that helped to bring child predators to justice! Which shows why he could have been a target, being that he exposed OVER 30 PREDATORS!

Amani and his friends used their Instagram account in efforts to expose pedophiles, you can follow them here @Pedogotcaught. This was not even a factor when considering his death and how he died, or how he may have been a target.


After seeing so many past cases IMMEDIATELY ruled as a suicide with no actual investigation, it seems like police don’t understand, HOW CAN YOU HANG YOURSELF WITH NO LADDER, STOOL, CHAIR, OR ANYTHING. We cannot let Amani’s story end this way! #BlackLivesMatter

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