This has been doing rounds across multiple social media platforms and honestly is a claim that comes up every year, but as the man claims, this year we may want to take the warning serious. POSSIBLE KKK AND WHITE NATIONALIST GROUP PLANNED ATTACKS.

What we could prove


We could not independently verify the claim and so we will leave that up to your opinion whether you give him validity or not, that being said, there were a few things we could confirm. There has been an increase in KKK recruitment recently, this is evident as reports of KKK recruitment flier sightings have increased, click here to see one such occasion from May.

There apparently has also been sightings of recruitment fliers also near high schools throughout the south. In one such case there was even a flier in Virginia plastered over the face of MLK. It isn’t just the KKK however, many white nationalist groups have seen an increase in recruitment. This makes the claims of planned attacks scarier because of the abundance in white nationalist groups that exist in the US.

His second claims of white nationalist rhetoric planning an attack is also been prevalent throughout the internet. I recently did an article about 3 police officers that were fired for PLANNING an attack! Click here to read about that! Even across our other forms of social media we have seen such claims! Though we quickly block/delete such comments across all our platforms.



Those two claims we were able to verify, an increase in recruitment, and an increase in hate planned attack rhetoric. Whether or not they will come to pass, or whether or not there truly is a concerted effort to attack we could not independently verify, that being said, we do urge you to take caution and stay safe.

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