Trump calls BLM Mural a “Symbol of Hate”, We Think it’s Hilarious

Trump called a BLM mural proposal a “symbol of hate”, but honestly we think it’s hilarious!

The mural in question is only a proposal, but President trump couldn’t wait to drop his two cents! He took to twitter (as always) to display his discontent about the mural, calling it a “symbol of hate” and saying it would “denigrate” the “Luxury Avenue” it will be painted on. But other than him being racist, we think we know what really upsets him.

The mural is LITERALLY RIGHT ACROSS from HIS OFFICE in the NYC Trump Tower and would be visible as long as the sun is out IN BRIGHT COLORS! I know what you are thinking, he doesn’t really even work there anymore though right? Oh don’t worry, he’ll be back there in November.

To quote exactly what he said look below!

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One thought on “Trump calls BLM Mural a “Symbol of Hate”, We Think it’s Hilarious

  1. Trumps is a Con Man and will do whatever he can to take the onus off that facts that he is one of the worst presidents in history. As we get closer to the election he will double down on his attack on BLM to imply that it is terrorist group. It’s the only tactic he knows, race baiting.

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