#DumpDugan Trending,Tampa, FL Police Chief Under Fire


The Tampa Police Chief has come under fire for recent statements and actions, causing #Dumpdugan to trend on the interwebs. As shown in the video above during a Tampa Citizens Review Board meeting, Dugan quite literally remained in the corner ON HIS PHONE, as citizens were pouring their hearts out over concerns of the city’s police action.

Dugan has also recently said things like “tear gas and rubber bullets aren’t being used on protestors” despite video evidence. A drastic increase in use of chemical agents in Tampa. It should also be noted that under Police Chief Dugan tenure, use of force has increased more than 400%, in addition to many cases of unprovoked violence against protestors.

These are all claims that Dugan denies, however the receipts have been cataloged and video evidence proves his rebuttals wrong. EVEN THE MAYOR acknowledges the issues in disagreement with Dugan. That being said, Tampa citizens are telling Mayor Jane Castor, if you are really listening and agreeing with is, why is nothing being done? A question that has yet to be answered.

The #dumpdugan movement is catching on and a petition has been created, click here to sign!

More Petitions here!

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