The Fun Carnival Dunking Game used to be Called, “The African Dip”


For a time in history we used to be on display in carnivals and zoos for people to enjoy. This is something i’ve often forgotten or better said don’t think of. I was HORRIFIED to find out the truth behind the fun carnival dunking game and how it used to be called, “The African Dip”.

The game was played back then similar as it is today. In the sense that you you a ball to strike the target, however it gets more sinister than this. See sometimes the targets used to be placed above the shoulder of the black person inside the tank. Not only this, there wasn’t always a barrier to protect the body.


What this means is that, the enjoyment of the game didn’t come from dunking the black person on display, rather from pelting them repeatedly with balls, hitting the target to dunk them, was simply an added bonus. It is horrendous acts like these that make churn my stomach, however I share this information with you so that it cannot be buried or forgotten.

Some of the slogans they would use would be “hit the trigger, dunk the nigger”, or “the nigger dip” or “the coon dip”.

So the next time you see the fun carnival dunking game, remember it used to be called, “The African Dip”.


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