Bass Reeves, The Best Deputy in the Wild Wild West!

Bass Reeves, The Best Deputy in the Wild Wild West!

Many of you have maybe heard about the theory that the “Lone Ranger” is based on Bass Reeves, and apparently the Lone Ranger was a pretty cool dude, BUT NOT NEARLY AS AWESOME AS BASS REEVES! So while the Lone Ranger’s show is indeed based on Reeves, they downplayed how AWESOME Reeves was.

Let’s make a bet? If this story impresses you, then you have to share it to your story, Deal?

First let me start off by saying Reeves was actually born a slave, but escaped slavery, how did he escape you ask? HE BEAT THE S*** OUT OF HIS MASTER AND DIPPED!

Yeah, you know this one going to be good😂 After escaping he went to Oklahoma, where the 5 major Indian tribes lived, and absorbed their culture, language and skills. It was here he MASTERED shooting, hunting, and tracking, in addition to the Seminole and Creek languages.

He later worked as a lawman, and has gone down in history as the BEST IN HISTORY of the lawmen in the Wild Wild West. Not to mention the first black lawman in the west. He aim was impeccable, he was a master tracker, no one knew the land better, and he was a master of disguise! 


Here’s some stories!

He once waited out on a trail in a bush FOR 4 DAYS STRAIGHT to catch a bad guy. When they finally met, before the bad guy could pull his gun, Reeves already fired. Or what about the time he disguised himself as a beggar and walked 30 MILES to catch 2 brothers?

Kid you not, he walked 30 miles to the brother’s mom’s house, told the mom he was hungry and needed a place to stay because he was running from the law, the mom said her sons were to and that he could stay the night. Reeves handcuffed both brothers WHILE THEY SLEPT, WITHOUT WAKING THEM

And once morning came, he kicked them to wake them up and walked them 30 miles back to camp! The mom following for the first 3 miles 🤣. Reeves always wore 2 pistols round his waist, was ambidextrous and wouldn’t miss WITH BOTH HANDS. He even arrested his son for the murder of the son’s wife🤷🏽‍♂️ 


Reeves caught over 3,000 criminals, and had to take out 14. He was literally the guy you called, when no one else could do it or the job seemed impossible. 9.5 times out of 10, he would do the impossible! Did I mention in all his fights, he NEVER got a gun wound?


More stories here!

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