White Man Shoots into Black Lives Matter Gathering


If you watched the video you would see the disgusting act of a white man shoots into Black Lives Matter gathering. The gunman was identified as Steven Nelson Lopez. (Photo below)

Steven had a dispute with a photographer who was capturing the march, and then proceeded to pull out his hand gun and shoot the photographer. The photographer was hit in the head, and died. Steven shot a total of 12 shoots into the crowd, One person was also injured, however not killed.

Tyler Gerth was the photographer who was killed. He captured many marches in his camera film and became sort of a large local voice in the BLM campaign. He has been memorialized by the marchers and those who mourn him with various vigils across the city. (as depicted below)


Luckily, before more damage could be done, some protesters who themselves had guns SHOT BACK at Steven, injuring him with a bullet to the leg, enabling police to capture him. Luckily the police didn’t shoot at the protestors defending themselves, I am happy that they were not also victims.

RIP Tyler Gerth, thank you for your contributions to the fight for equality of Black Lives. And just like our lives mattered, YOURS DID TO!

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