“The Three Musketeers” is based on a Black Man!?


I was pretty shocked to find out “The Three Musketeers” is based on a Black Man! I remember watching the “The Three Musketeers”, and at one point cartoon show, but I NEVER knew they were based on a black man! It literally never came even as an honorable mention! They are based the life of Alexandre Dumas, and let me tell you, this man was BADASS!

Alexandre Dumas,was the first Black General of the French military. He was born in Haiti from a French nobleman and a slave mother, and was sent to France with his mother’s last name, making it famous in French history!

Dumas was eventually raised to the level of Marquis (French noble title), and went on to join the French military. When he joined, rather than be a commissioned officer, he signed on as a private. Weird thing is, he apparently was touted as a man of SUPER HUMAN STRENGTH!

So as the story goes, when he was young (pre 18), he once while sitting on a horse, grabbed a beam above him, and then STARTED PUMPING PULL UPS. Now you may think that’s not impressive alone, anyone can do pull ups right? HE WAS RAISING THE HORSE OFF THE GROUND WITH HIM!


There are more stories of his super human strength, though no one can really explain where it came from (must be them Haitian genes). In less than 6 years, Dumas went from private to Lieutenant Colonel, serving under commander Chevalier de St. George, leader of the “free-legion”.

Less than a year later, Dumas was promoted to Brigadier General. He then went to serve under Napoleon Bonaparte, in Italy, which is where HE REALLY SHOWS HIS BADASSERY. So as the story goes, Dumas’ squadron was met with an overwhelming Austrian force at a bridge.

Dumas’ forces had to retreat to get reinforcements before fighting, so what does Dumas do? TELLS HIS MEN TO GO AND STANDS AT THE EDGE OF THE BRIDGE FIGHTING THE AUSTRIANS ALONE, AND WINNING! Apparently he was took out like 10 men, and injured 30 more! ALONE!

Reinforcements came later, and Dumas was UNHARMED, he got on a horse, and then pushed the Austrians back, this earned him the name “The Black Devil”. (Don’t know how I feel about the name)

After learning about him its pretty easy to see why “The Three Musketeers” is based on a Black Man!

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