BLM Protests HAVE NOT led to an increase in Rona cases

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The National Bureau of Economic Research conducted a study to find out if Covid and BLM had any relation. Turns out, BLM Protests HAVE NOT led to an increase in rona cases. Here’s why the study concludes this.

The study’s research spans across over 300 different cases (protests) in major U.S. cities. The goal was to see how repeated mass protests would affect rona growth. But as it turns out, it had no affect simply because, well the protests convinced more people to stay home.


They go on to note that city curfews did little to this end of increasing stay at home behaviors. The study also doesn’t itself say that BLM protests were the ultimate gatherings of social distanced, mask wearing warriors who had a bottle of sanitizer as their weapon of choice. Rather that the marches inspired small groups of people to abandon stay at home behaviors (for damn good reason), and seemingly gave the larger population more of a reason to stay home.

So as a result, net stay at home behaviors increased rather than decreased. Which ultimately means, BLM Protests HAVE NOT led to an increase in rona cases.

link to study here!

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