Miami Police Officer charged with MISCONDUCT after tasing PREGNANT WOMAN

Miami Police Officer charged with MISCONDUCT after tasing PREGNANT WOMAN
Safiya Satchell (left )Officer Jordy Yanes Martel (right) arrested yesterday

The video below shows the disturbing incident leading up to the Miami Police Officer getting fired and charged with MISCONDUCT after tasing PREGNANT WOMAN. It should be noted the charges and arrest come a WHOLE YEAR AND 6 MONTHS AFTER THE INCIDENT.

I would also like to note that Safiya Satchell went on to miscarry. While the miscarriage isn’t specifically linked to the incident (in official reports), it would be hard pressed to say the two aren’t linked.

The incident took place outside Tootsies Strip Club in Miami. Reportedly, Satchell was removed from the club due to her behavior inside the club, when police responded to the incident, as we often see, things went south. Here is the video footage of the event.

Former Officer Marthel has since been arrested (June 25th, 2020), despite the event occurring in January of 2019. Satchell and her lawyer are happy with the arrest however believe more to come.

“If you’re an officer that has broken policy or acted under color of law with a belief that Black lives don’t matter, you ought to be looking over your shoulder because the chickens have finally come home to roost,” said her lawyer, Jonathan Jordan. “My client deserves to witness justice be served in this prosecution against this former officer where so many others in her position have not been as fortunate.”

The Charges

Originally Marthel charged Satchell with Trespassing, resisting arrest with violence and battery against a cop. ALL CHARGES AGAINST HER WERE DROPPED SHORTLY AFTER THE EVEN! It must feel good now being the one pursuing charges against her former abuser!

The actual arrests and charges that Marthel face however are 2 counts of misconduct as he lied in the statement he made after Satchell’s arrest. He claimed that she was the aggressor. Saying she punched him in the lip along with kicking to avoid arrest, claims the footage refutes. Marthel has also been charged with 4 accounts of assault.

Oh how the tables have turned!

To Safiya’s and her child, we know no words can accurately console you, but we wish your mother success in her campaign for justice. Rest in Power.

Sign the Elijah McClain petition, he is another victim of police brutality!

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