Mamie Johnson is the FIRST woman signed to the MLB!

Mamie Johnson is the first woman to sign to the MLB

This is Mamie Johnson, she got signed to the MLB WHEN SHE WAS 73 YEARS OLD! Technically this makes her the first and only woman to be signed AS A PLAYER to a Major League Baseball team! Let me explain the full story of how this came to be.

So prior to going to the MLB at age 73, she wanted to try out for an All-American Girl Professional Baseball team at age 17. She even traveled TO VIRGINIA from South Carolina (over 350 miles). Guess what they told Mamie when she got there?? THAT BLACK WOMEN COULDN’T TRY OUT!!!??

Now instead of letting this get her down, she went on to try out for the Negro League (1953)! At 17 became one of THREE women who got signed by a team. She was also the ONLY of the 3 women to get in, that was the MAIN pitcher for their team.

Now keep in mind, as a women in a male dominated sport, Mamie had to show up and show out! Not ONLY did she pitch WITH THE BEST OF THEM, BUT she also earned THEIR respect from the VERY FIRST GAME. Because of her, her team won! Her team loved and respected her as a woman to. 

In fact Mamie herself says “I was pleased to be treated like a lady at all times. I can say I had 26 brothers, and they were so nice”. She went on to pitch for 3 seasons total!

How she actually got signed!

In 2008, the MLB wanted to honor the living Negro League players, and Mamie Johnson just so happen to be one of them!

So in efforts to honor her, the MLB had a ceremonial drafting day. Mamie was drafted to the Washington Nationals as a player. This technically makes her the first and only woman drafted as a player to the MLB! (despite not actually playing, but I mean she was 73 after all)

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