What Happened to Elijah McClain?

Please understand everyone, this story is not for the feint at heart. If none of the recent ones have broken you emotionally, this one might. So, what happened to Elijah McClain? Last August officers received a call about a “suspicious man in a mask” however the caller also noted that “he wasn’t dangerous and noContinue reading “What Happened to Elijah McClain?”

Mamie Johnson is the FIRST woman signed to the MLB!

This is Mamie Johnson, she got signed to the MLB WHEN SHE WAS 73 YEARS OLD! Technically this makes her the first and only woman to be signed AS A PLAYER to a Major League Baseball team! Let me explain the full story of how this came to be. So prior to going to theContinue reading “Mamie Johnson is the FIRST woman signed to the MLB!”

Ahmaud Arbery killers Indicted by Grand Jury

It has been approximately 4 months since Ahmaud’s death. But after 4 months, millions of petition signatures, countless people marching, and saying his name, Ahmaud Arbery’s killers were FINALLY indicted by Grand Jury. NOW I WANT TO BE CLEAR, indictment DOES NOT EQUAL GUILTY. Please do not consider this a win, consider this progress onContinue reading “Ahmaud Arbery killers Indicted by Grand Jury”