Aunt Jemima’s Descendants Respond to Quaker Oats!

Aunt Jemima’s Descendants Respond to Quaker Oats!

Heres what the family had to say about Aunt Jemima.

We are extremely proud to be of the lineage of our grandmother Anna Short Harrington, come to be known as “Aunt Jemima”.  

Her pancake mix and likeness has become a staple for the Quaker Oats Company. We have fought for years for royalties and recognition to no avail. Hearing that the name Aunt Jemima and the image of Anna Harrington will finally be removed from products, feels like you are trying to erase a part of our history without proper compensation.

Aunt Jemima likeness on Syrup

As living decedents, we are demanding that Anna Harrington be properly memorialized. We are demanding that proper royalties be paid to the family.

Aunt Jemima was not a fictional character but a Real Black Woman that has brought billions of dollars in revenue to the Quaker Oats brand. Now that you have admitted that using the image of Aunt Jemima was insensitive and racially hurtful, you must correct the years of exploitation!

End Quote.

The family is happy that the image will finally be removed, HOWEVER they feel as though Quaker Oats and Pepsi Co. is trying to escape without paying proper dues. The video in the beginning depicts how Aunt Jemima came to be, and how she was exploited.

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