Trump’s Bulls*** Attempt at Police Reform

Trump’s Bulls*** Attempt at Police Reform

Trump recently signed an executive order aimed at police reform, however the order seems to be more of the same to black folk. In fact it only mentions black folk SPECIFICALLY once, but let me explain why it’s Trump’s Bulls*** attempt at police reform.

So let me say first and foremost, the first part of the order establishes a National Police Database that will track police transgressions, complaints, and misconduct, so that “bad cops” won’t be able to get a police job somewhere else after being fired. THAT IS THE ONLY THING I WILL GIVE THIS BILL CREDIT FOR.

Everything else simply seems more of the same to me. I say this because it is ALL BASED ON INCENTIVES. Meaning you can do the things suggested BUTTTT you don’t have to. They are still not MANDATED by law to RESPECT BLACK LIVES.

The Incentives

Here are some of the things INCENTIVIZED. There is an incentive for co-responders. The order says that police departments should send not only police but someone else with the police trained to handle certain situations. For example if there is a mental health issue, a policeman would arrive on scene with a mental health expert. If there is a homelessness case, the police officer will maybe arrive with a social worker, so on and so forth.

The Co-Responder is a step in the right direction, HOWEVER the protesters want them MANDATED by law, and for them to handle the case ALONE. With a police officer there, it opens up the opportunity for more of the same!

Another incentive is the sharing of best practices and the “constant seeking” of further training by independent bodies. LET ME JUST SAY, WAS CONSTANT TRAINING NOT REQUIRED BEFORE!?!?!?!? To receive the grant incentive however, a police department doesn’t HAVE TO DO WHAT IS REQUIRED, instead they have to at the very least be “IN THE PROCESS OF SEEKING” to do further training by independent bodies.

The order says NOTHING about “qualified immunity”. Which simply means that those the police hurt CANNOT sue the police themselves for damages. MEANING police can avoid personal suits from ANYONE they kill, harm, or assault.

Last but not least, choke holds

The cops have used choke holds or choking maneuvers on many a black persons. It has led to the death of black people on NUMEROUS occasions. The order basically says, don’t use choke holds, but if you do, oh well. I kid you not. The literally words are “unless you feel like your life is endangered”. THAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THEIR EXCUSE.

The only good thing to come from this bill is the national database. Everything else is more of the same, empty words and police threats. I’m looking at you to Obama! While you did do more than Trump and at least recognized the danger we face from the police, you could have done more.

Granted, many of the Police Reform executive orders you passed, Trump got rid of. Such as the sale of military vehicles and equipment to the police departments . You made this illegal, yet we got to see tanks as we peacefully protested due to Trump rolling this back.

Massive work may not have been done in the past, but believe me, the young ARE GOING TO ORCHESTRATE a MASSIVE overhaul of the system as we know it!

Find out what happened to the cops that killed Rayshard Brooks here!

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