2 Black Men Lynched by Hanging, in 2 weeks

2 Black Men Lynched by Hanging, in 2 weeks

The News has failed us again by not highlighting these stories. Two black men were lynched by hanging within the past two weeks. Their names are Robert Fuller (24) and Malcolm Harsch (38).

Both were ruled as “apparent suicides”. Obviously we as black people know what this truly is. See, Malcolm was found hung May 31st after a night of Black Lives Matter protests. They made him an EXAMPLE. He was LYNCHED.

The same is said about Robert, how can you expect us to believe he simply “hung himself due to covid-19 related depression”? I did not make that quote up either people! That quote comes from a police report filed on him, PRIOR to the actual finishing of the investigation! Can you say cover up?

In addition, no ladders or stools or anything he could have used to hang himself were found at the scene. The kind of tree he was hanging from was not a very climbable kind of tree. On top of this, he was hung in front of an inspirational quote etched in the ground, adjacent to the American Flag, in front of the City Hall.

The family is currently seeking a reopening of his case with an INDEPENDENT investigator. Celebrities and high ranking government officials have joined in on the calls. You can to by signing the petition here!

Sign Malcolm’s petition here!

If you are feeling extra spirited and haven’t seen our petitions page, click here!


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