How Trump Tried to Ruin Juneteenth!

How Trump Tried to Ruin Juneteenth!

Trump tried to ruin Juneteenth by hosting his first Campaign Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Now you may be wondering what the importance of Tulsa is and why Trump isn’t invited! So here it is.

Tulsa, Oklahoma is the site of Black Wall St. Black Wall St was a site where black people and black business prospered! I mean it was even called Black Wall St. do you need any better indicator? You may be saying what happened to it?

IT WAS BURNED TO THE GROUND BY WHITE ANGER AND HATRED TOWARD BLACK SUCCESS AND PEOPLE. On top of disrespecting the black community by going to Black Wall St., the Racist and Chief, decided to also host the Rally ON JUNETEENTH.

Juneteenth is a holiday HIGHLY REGARDED in the black community. So once it was announced that he would not only hold his rally Black Wall St. DURING JUNETEENTH, the black community were instantly enraged.

We took the the platforms Trump knows best and let him know that we wont allow him to STAIN Juneteenth. Successfully so, as he changed the date of his rally to the day AFTER Juneteenth!

That being said, i’m sure many of the community don’t want a man who defends Confederate soldiers and generals and prevents the military from renaming bases named after Confederate generals (click here for more on that) to be on Black Wall St. Not to mention his derogatory remarks of protesters, and every other racist thing he does.

If you don’t know what Juneteenth is, click here to find out!


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