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Black War Hero, SS Edward Carter

First and foremost SS Edward Carter was such a G that at age 15 he LITERALLY RAN AWAY TO FIGHT IN A WAR. He ran away from home to enlist in Chinese National Revolutionary Army, to fight against invading Japan.

He was forced to leave that army because he was 15. But later joined the Abraham Lincoln Brigade IN SPAIN, to fight against fascists in the Spanish Civil War.

It’s about to get really juicy. SO our boy SS Edward Carter, joined the US Military during WWII, but ended up getting stripped of his rank of Staff Sergeant and became a private for you guessed it! no reason!

Anyways, during the Battle of the Bulge, Carter led three soldiers across an open field. In the process, two of the men were killed and the other seriously wounded. BUT Carter continued on alone and was wounded five times before being forced to take cover.

Did I mention He knew 5 languages? One of those being German, which is really important for this next part.

Eight German soldiers tried to capture him, but he killed six and captured the remaining two. He used the two as human shields from enemy fire as he recrossed the field. HE THEN INTERROGATED THEM IN GERMAN TO GET THE VALUABLE INFO THAT HELPED WIN THE WAR


See these beyond heroic actions, SS Edward Carter didn’t even get awarded the Medal of Honor. Infact when he tried to reenlist in the Army he was even denied. Even worse, he didn’t get the Medal of Honor until after his death in 1997.

Better yet, he wasn’t even buried alongside the other Nations Heroes in Arlington National Cemetery until he received his Medal of Honor.

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