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The BLKThought Journey Begins!

I am finally starting BLThought!!! YO, this is so exciting for me. It has truly been a long road to get here, I actually started this project in May or August of last year (2019) shortly after I graduated from college. Over the summer of 2019 I went around to a bunch of summer (predominantly black) programs and did speaking engagements, speaking to over 200 kids! After doing this, I just couldn’t stop. I was so encouraged and didn’t know what to do next after school started again.

After brainstorming for what felt like forever I came up with an idea, I explored the idea, and did surveys in my area. I KID YOU NOT, I WOULD JUST WALK UP TO STRANGERS AND ASK THEM TO TAKE A SURVEY. I went to colleges, malls, Walmart, anywhere I could. I must have asked over 300 people in all honesty. I collected valuable data to confirm the direction of my biggest project which I will be using all of 2020 to create.

Now after I confirmed my big project, I still had an issue. HOW WOULD I FUND IT? Thus my second project was born. I decided it wasn’t to early to gather a following and start teaching black history, so I created my instagram (@blk.thought), I created this website, some shirts and now I am showing my soul and passion to y’all. AND THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!

I will be doing a lot of outreach on my insta, giveaways, and recording my story and progress for y’all! Check back next week for another post! Every Sunday morning a new one will be here.

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